Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Before & After

I had some great studio time yesterday, after spending the better part of Monday tending to family matters.  In purging my sewing room last week, I came across this fabric: 8 fat quarters that I had intended to serge the edges to make cloth napkins.

I was never happy with the shade of blue (too light) nor the large percentage of yellow.  I decided to scrunch and overdye them in a deeper shade of blue. 
Here they are

now I will serge the edges and use them!

I have been playing with a large piece of habotai for a week or so now, just rolling it and throwing it into another dye bath every few days.  It started its journey in yellow, then red, and finally blue:

I wanted more and different, so I rolled it again and dipped it into a Thiox bath

I love doing Thiox about immediate gratification!  Here's how it looked unfurled

Interesting results, but not what I wanted, so time for another pipe rolling and bath

I think I may finally be satisfied.........time will tell!

We got these two squash in our market basket yesterday

the one in the foreground is a Long Island Cheese Winter Squash and the other is a Tromboncino.  Any ideas on how to prepare either or both of them?

And one last photo of my beloved studio companion, Barker

There was a hint of Fall in the air yesterday, so I had all of the studio doors open and he was able to be outside while I worked.......we both enjoyed it tremendously.

Have a great day!



Connie Rose said...

Awesome work, Judy!

Gerrie said...

You really fixed that fabric! I am curious about all the dyeing you are doing on one piece of silk. I thought that silk had a limited number of molecules that could accept dye and so at some point, the results are not very exciting. Am I nuts? You sure has some great results going on.

Diana Parkes said...

Love the process Judy. Always exciting seeing it take shape.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Here's a link to a recipe on pumpkin soup ;-)


Carol said...

A lot of treasures to find here today. I love what you did to the sunflowers; and your re-dying of the habotai has had a wonderful effect. It is spring here and it really feels like it. There'll probably be a few more cold days but just knowing the seasons have changed gives me heart. What a lovely photo of the good Barker, Happy Fall to you all. OX

Beverly said...

You really did have a good day in the studio- love what you did to that commercial fabric. And the scarves look fantastic. You're inspiring me to get out the dyes this long weekend!

Jeannie said...

Can I come over for dinner? LOL! I love what you did with the sunflower fabric and the silk. You amaze me! Have fun!

Rayna said...

Ah, the luxury of playing with shibori! Looks pretty good to me.

Fall in the air here, too - sunny and all the humidity is gone. So far, a gorgeous weekend to end the summer.