Saturday, September 04, 2010

A Shorty

While my chocolate frozen yogurt is churning, I'll write a short post.

We spent a couple of nights in Atlanta at our little condo.  It was a great getaway.  The New Mexican chiles are now being harvested and Tacqueria del Sol receives daily shipments, and offers them up as their wonderful Chile Rellenos

I love them, and so of course we went there one night...just to make sure they were as good as we remembered!  and they were!

I spent the entire day today 'slaving away' in the studio.  Our first cold front of the season has gone through and it was a blissful day!  Barker and I thoroughly enjoyed our cooler and drier early morning walk on the golf course and then I got busy.  I have no photos of my work to show, but I will share a couple of pics of what arrived in the mail today:

India Flint's wonderful book, Eco Colour!  I haven't had much time to read it, but the little that I've seen is very enticing!

one of the pages in this fabulous book:

Happy Labor Day Weekend to my readers here in the U.S.



Carol said...

Frozen yoghurt, Chile Rellenos - yum! I'll have to Google the chile to see how it's made. The India Flint book will no doubt give you lots more inspiration, I look forward to seeing your further adventures. XXOO

linda stokes said...

Yummy food & book too (I have this one)
Isn't it great when you're finally happy with a piece after many layers! Love the way your shibori turned out.

Joyce said...

That book looks really interesting. Is it mainly about dyeing?

Angela said...

I have been looking at that book but I wasn't sure how good it was. I will await your full review!