Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Good Day

We all need one once in a while, don't we????  A Goooooood Daaaaaaaaaaaay!  YES!!!  After our morning walk, Barker and I headed out to the studio and heated up my large enameled pot for some discharging. I love this technique, even though it entails wearing my respirator and opening all of the doors and windows (which, on a cool morning like today isn't all bad!).  I make Barker stay outside, so he isn't involved in the fumes!  So, the above picture is a detail shot of a lovely silk charmeuse scarf that I put through the bath this morning.  Here's a shot of the scarf:

There are now four layers on this one (three dyes and a discharge), and I think I will keep it just this way.  

More discharging:

A Kenneth Cole tee that was black........until this morning, that is.  I really love it now!!!!

Below, hanging on my little clothes line, is a series that I have been playing with for a few months

A while back I cut a freezer paper stencil of a very tall structure with a funky roofline and many, many windows.  I used textile paint to screen it onto several cuts of white cotton and then I discharged two lengths of black cotton using the same screen and dishwasher gel (that is the center piece).  I overdyed the two white pieces: the one on the left in multi colors and the one on the right in violet.  It took almost *forever* to discharge the center (industrially dyed black) piece

but I love, love, love it!  You can see the original dishwasher gel discharge in brown, and now the new discharge is in yellow, along with the bluish white discharge of the black fabric.  

Below is the piece that was overdyed with violet

I had rope-wrapped the piece before I overdyed it, so it has that marvelous patterning, which turned brown in the discharge bath.  Here's a bit of detail of the discharged violet:

I am working on a waterscape series.  I've shown a similar piece of dyed silk background before:

A few days ago it struck me that this is where my inspiration is coming from:

That is the view that greets me from my sewing room window every morning.  Subconsciously, I've been reproducing it for several months!

Here's a little 'doodle cloth' that occupied a bit of my time this afternoon:




Jeannie said...

A good day indeed!!! The scarf is gorgeous. I wish my clothes line had such wonderful fabrics hanging from it and of course, the heron piece is great. Your on a roll!

Gerrie said...

I am in love with those large pieces and the layers you have achieved. Really beautiful and watery!!

Carol said...

Such beautiful fabric, and what an inspiration to see your lake each day as you work. I love the heron and the leaves - and that you call it "doodle cloth". Wish my doodlings looked like that... Oh, the verification word is "dewdlin" - how apt is that? I may have to change my spelling of doodling now.

Eva said...

The water reflections really remind me of the liquid element! Wonderful results. Isn't it great to have such a wave of creativity?
dewdlin. LOL!

Elizabeth said...

Well you definately have the water thing going on!! Very cool! I love the patterns that the rope wrapping gives and of course all of the wonderful layers!!!! They are so rich with complexity- Jane Dunnewold will be so proud of what youa re doing. But more importanly you should be proud!! just beautiful!!!!

Joyce said...

These are all wonderful. I love that Tee! I can see that I'm going to have to try dishwasher gel discharging...

Beverly said...

Wow- a fantastic day, I'd say. Those pieces are all drop dead gorgeous--

Vicki W said...

You have been having some great dye days!

Diana Parkes said...

Gosh, Judy, you have been busy! Great outcomes...