Saturday, September 25, 2010

Breakfast, Lunches, and a Tee!

We've spent a few days in the city.  Every time we're there, it seems like we participate in a huge food orgy....and then we go home and diet!  Oh, but we do have a grand time!!  We've discovered a new and wonderful eatery, and the bad news is: it's right across the street from our condo!  The fantastic news is the food is great and the servers are fabulous.  The name: Empire State South.  They have a great outdoor patio, so we can dine there and bring Barker along!  He loves it too!  The thing that I love the very most about iced coffee is what you see above!  I know, it looks like a Guinness, but it's just a fabulous Iced Coffee at ESS!  MMMMMM!

We were on our way to the Dekalb Farmers' Market the other day and drove by a sign telling us we absolutely must sample the lunch offerings at Southern Sweets Bakery.  So we obliged!  

That's the glorious painting in back of the counter where we placed our order.  What color!

This is the view from our little table:

And here's my veggie wrap:

here's the dessert case, well, er one of the three:

It was a fabulous lunch, and I hope we can find our way back there soon!

That night, we had dinner out with our condo friends.  Sotto Sotto never disappoints and is always fantastico!  I behaved: salad, gnocci, and Panna Cotta.  Not too bad, huh????

Yesterday, we waddled on across the street to ESS to sample their lunches.  I ordered the "Super Food"....guilt over gluttony was consuming me! 

left to right: spinach salad, green bean salad, (top to bottom) pickled beets, baked eggplant, wheatberry salad, and on the right, another salad of fresh greens with a very light vinaigrette dressing.  It was fabulous!

And now, my long, lost tee:

I kid you not!!  I took part in a tee round robin, where each member put one layer of dye on her own tee and then sent it on to the other members to decorate in any manner they saw fit.  The problem was, some of the members got behind and some of the tees got lost.  Mine was one in the lost group.  It was ok: I have a closet full of tees.  That said, somehow mine surfaced last week.  Whoever was 'holding' it, mailed it to another member of the internet list that the RR group grew from, and I happened to read that member's post and query as to where the shirt belonged and I recognize the description of what little I remembered of my tee.  I emailed her and it's all history now.  I'm a happy camper!  p.s.: I love my shirt!



Gerrie said...

Turned out nicely! The colors will be great for you. Since you are not prowling FB - I must tell you that I got tickets today for Leonard Cohen on Dec. 8th!!!!!!

Jeannie said...

It is a good thing that you are 2500 miles away or we would eat our way through Atlanta and never get into our clothes! LOL! The tee is wonderful. It reminds me of spring.

Carol said...

You'd have made me hungry but I've just come home from a huge family lunch that finished at 6.30pm. So I'm exhausted from cooking, eating and drinking, but had a wonderful time. Will show a pic of my Pavlova dessert on my blog tomorrow. OOXX

Diana Angus said...

Yay! Your tee found you! I gave Russ a hug for you. Here we go! We get to be beside each other.


Rayna said...

I can't deal with all these beautiful food pictures, Judy. ACK. The pole-wrapped overdyes are very cool, however, and at least they don't make me hungry.