Saturday, September 11, 2010


One morning recently, Barker and I had a very magical walk on the golf course.  I love this time of year when there is barely a hint of Autumn in the air.  He has more energy, and so do I!  So, I thought I'd share a few pics with you.

The sun was barely rising over the hills in the background when we began our four miles.

Aren't the clouds wonderful.

The Candelabra Sumac is one of my favorite wild plants: it has beautiful branches and leaves (great for use in both printing and discharging), its seedpods are lovely, and they also make wonderful tea, if you so desire.  It's leaves turn a brilliant red orange early in the Fall.

Oh, and of course, don't forget the Poison Ivy, ugh!

I've been after the maintenance men on the course for about a month now, to take care of this wasp nest.  They don't seem to be very interested!  I see no activity from it, thankfully!

The Goldenrod is yellow......remember that song?  Hope it doesn't make you want to sneeze!

Barker can't decide if he wants to chase the crows or perhaps run under the sprinklers up ahead!

Pokeweed, another of my favorite wild plants!  I hear that the berries make a wonderful natural dye, but I've not tried them....have you?

.....and these little guys are a fond memory from my childhood....did I mention I was a tomboy?

I love these little toadstools, and was so happy to get such a nice detail shot with my iPhone!

Thanks for walking along with me!  I always love to hear from you.



Diana Parkes said...

Lovely photos. Early morning is just such a great time. Nothing wrong with tomboys (tomgirls?); I was one too and deep down I think I am still!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

What a lovely sky, and wonderful pictures as always.

Jeannie said...

Beautiful photos, I especially love the sunrise. I wish I could remember the saying about the width of the caterpillars stripes predicting winter. Pokeberries look like Virginia Creeper. As much as I dislike the way they take over, the fall color is fantastic. Hugs to Barker (and you)!

Carol said...

A delightful morning walk with our favourite boy! I love photos of the sky and yours are beautiful. As you are enjoying the first days of Fall, I'm so enjoying the first days of Spring. I've just been to the local nursery and bought two new azaleas, white and dark pink. And a few other gorgeous things. XXOO

Gabriele Agustini said...

Oh, that was great!! Loved the pictures too!
I thought one of those plants would make a wonderful design and gorgeous colors on a piece of silk...
Then I read that it was Poison Ivy!! Oh, Oh!

I would definitely have touched/picked some of that!!
I just scratched my face because it was itchy. Ha!

Thanks for sharing your lovely walk with us.