Friday, October 29, 2010

It's Friday!

As I was finishing up my 'work' in my sewing room last night, I turned around to see this amazing sunset!  WOW!!  "Red sky at night, sailor's delight"!  I'm no sailor, but I certainly was delighted!

Earlier in the day, this was my view from the other windows in my sewing room:

Sometimes it's almost too darned distracting to get any work done!  Honestly!!!  But I did do some work.  'Ultimo tango' is taking shape.  I ripped out the old embroidery that I showed you yesterday

and replaced it with what you see above: much more minimal.  I like it better now.  I also added one screen print, and today I will add two more.  I'm yearning for just a little bit of zip and zing in this piece, and hope that I have just figured out the answer!  Stay tuned!!!

I want to leave you with one last picture: my entertainment as I ate breakfast

Actually "Blue" and I were eating together, but he was a few yards away! 



Vicki W said...

We were truly blessed with that sunset last night!

Eva said...

What a wonderful view! It is lovely to have a lake or river in sight. It never looks the same. And the heron comes so close! Yes, I guess you're lucky.

Angela said...

Hi Judy, we are leaving tomorrow - looking forward to seeing some of san antonio. see you Saturday!

Carol said...

What a sunset! Your views are wonderful, and lovely to see "Blue" foraging on the edge. xo