Wednesday, October 13, 2010

No Photos

Well, I'm a bit put off and miffed with Google/Blogger right now!  I attempted to purchase more photo space a week ago, and have yet been 'allowed' to do so.  I also went back and deleted photos from a few posts, hoping to add more space, but that has not worked either.  Apparently Google/Blogger has too many irons in the fire right now to realize just how important it is to me and the world, that I post photos!  Imagine!

Meanwhile, I've been busy both at home and in the city.  While spending the weekend in Atlanta, we had a very memorable dinner at Veni Vidi Vici with our condo friends.  MMMMMM!  The chef was offering a special dinner with a truffles theme, in memory of his Italian mentor who had died suddenly a month ago.  The food was fantastic, the service was excellent, and our companions were animated, enthusiastic and as interesting as ever!  On Sunday we attended one of the four baby showers being given in honor of our daughter, son-in-law and first grandbaby.  This was a family shower, given by our son-in-law's family, and it was very nice and lots of fun.  I think the baby's nursery must be about full now, with all of the wonderful items an infant and its parents could need or possibly desire.  

I am working on several pieces at home: one large one on silk crepe de chine, and two smaller ones on cotton canvas.  I am drawn to the latter right now, as the fabric has been dyed and overdyed in delicious shades of orange, rust, and blue.  I've been printing and discharging on this surface, and the results are exciting to me.

I finished knitting an adorable striped hat for the baby (if it's a boy) and will begin a similar one for the baby (if it's a girl).  I've completed two pairs of bootees: one for each gender.  Boy, I wish I could post pictures!  Now I've started on a sweater for the is in an apple/sagey green using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino.  I think you can see a little bit of it here.  Yep, that works!  Anyway, I am having fun knitting in the evenings....even if our Braves did lose to the Giants.  I'm sad to see Bobby Cox leave........oh well!

Time to go..........I have a class in a half hour!



Joyce said...

No pictures on an art blog!? Impossible. Blogger will lose a lot of customers if that happens to many people. Good luck in getting the problem solved.

Eva said...

My idea for a solution if blogging continues to create problems: Start a new blog from another provider, upload the photos there and post links and short (or long) explanations in this blog. It is just a click away, and anyone interested in your work will gladly bother.

Gerrie said...

Coming to you from the home of the Giants - yeah!! I have not heard of blogger having a photo limit! Bummer

Carol said...

I hope Blogger is kinder to you or maybe you take Eva's advice and run two blogs. Though that sounds fiddly; but I'd certainly be clicking on both. My photos on my new camera are huge so I'm reducing them now by more than half. If I understood what I was doing there's probably a much better way than I'm using but with me it's all hit or miss. Enjoy that knitting and the baby showers. Such a fun time. xx

Karen said...

What a cute sweater, and I'm waiting impatiently to see the hats and booties. My daughter now has enough clothing for several babies, and she received 6 quilts at her baby shower! I think I will have fun just changing her into the different outfits.