Thursday, October 07, 2010

Summer in the City - in October!

I'm miffed at Blogger right now!  Suddenly they have instituted a charge for uploading photos!  HARRUMPH!!  I knew that it was too good to last: the 'free' blogger, but now that reality has appeared, I'm not a happy camper!  Anyway, in order to post, I've gone back into my archives where I have several unpublished posts (sometimes I get rather wordy!) and have dredged this one up to the surface.  I hope to have a fiber-related post in a day or two...because I do have fiber to share!!!

We spent last weekend in the city (now, that was actually a month or so ago, mind you!) and had a fabulous time just hanging out and exploring.  This is Peachtree Street in Midtown - THE Peachtree Street.  I love this portion, with its many trees.

Two mornings in a row we enjoyed Brunch at Empire State South, a new restaurant in the building next to ours.  The service was great and the food was phenomenal!  I'm an iced coffee lover, and here is how mine was served:

Don't you love the cute little creamer!  And how about those chairs!!!  We try to take Barker with us as often as possible, so outdoor dining is necessary.  The patio at ESS is totally dog friendly and very, very nice for their people as well!

I ordered a BLT, which included the regular fare plus fried green tomatoes!  It was yummy!!  And please notice the very healthy portion of arugula salad.

We have been walking past an apartment building with a rather extensive garden in its front yard.  I have been admiring this flowering plant. 

Can anyone tell me what it is???? 

here's the seed pod:

I got a new hummingbird feeder a few weeks ago.  It took the little guys a while to get used to it, but they finally have.

I like that it is attached directly to the window in my sewing room, so I can really get a good look at the hummers as they feed.  Most of the hummers are now departed for warmer climates, but I am keeping my feeders out in hopes of attracting a winter hummer!  I'll keep you posted.



Brenda Gael Smith said...

Hi Judy - it sounds like you have hit your 1GB image storage limit with Blogger/Picasa. Do you resize your images before posting them on the blog? If you don't, you will soon burn up the extra storage that you purchase particularly if you have a multi-mega-pixel camera. You can always go back and delete/replace your old images with smaller ones but that would be a pain :-/

Jeannie said...

I just sent you a link about the plant - Datura. Gorgeous, but deadly. It grows wild in the side canyons of the Grand Canyon and you can grow it in your yard. Many do here. Are you waiting for the Braves game to start?

Carol said...

Haven't come across this problem with blogger -and hope I don't. I save my photos for the web and reduce to 50% and always hope that works. I just bumble my way through photoshop and can rarely ever reproduce anything but I seem to have this system down pat. I didn't realise there was a limit... I've always wanted to grow a datura but the fact that it is so poisonous has put me off. They are just the most stunning plants. xx

Joyce said...

I too reduce the size of photos before putting them up on Blogger, mainly to shorten the upload time. I hadn't heard anything about charges for pictures. Not good news.

Eva said...

It's the trouble with new digital cameras -- the pictures grow larger and larger with every new device. You can define a smaller picture size in the camera menu, but most people don't bother to do it. I take pictures in full resolution, but downsize them with a very handy, quick loading program. Don't want to advertise, anyway many of these are offered as free software. My recommendation is the whimisical red animal.