Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend in Review

 Expecting a first grandchild to a lover of knitting is like giving free reign of a pharmacy to a drug addict!  I just can't get enough baby knitting!!  Of course, everything I knit requires being sewn together, which is not my strongest point, so I can't show you anything totally finished just yet!  LOL

This is a little hooded sweater that our daughter thought looked cute and non gender specific.  She and her husband also like this shade of green, so I thought it would be fun to knit it up.  I cannot believe how fast it is coming together!  The fronts, back, and sleeves are all knit separately and then joined on one circular needle in order to knit the yoke and hood.  I just started this a week ago, and I'm already up to the hood!  The yarn that I am using is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, and it is a joy to work with: so soft and gentle on the fingers, so I know the baby will love it too!

Here's how the sweater will look when it is completed:

We spent two nights in the city, enjoying the beautiful days and cooler temps.  The Eagles gave a 'Green Concert' at Piedmont Park on Friday night, and we could hear the music from our condo.  It was a great night to have windows and doors open, and I know the concert goers enjoyed their evening on the lawn at the park.  We had a fantastic dinner at ECCO, one of our favorite Midtown restaurants.  On Saturday, we shopped around and then saw "The Social Network" at Midtown Art.  We both liked it very much and found it true to the book, which we had listened to, courtesy of Audible, a couple of years ago.  We stopped by our favorite Chipotle for lunch on our way home yesterday, and I was amused by their new napkins:

Chipotle has the best graphics and writing on their paper goods!



Eva said...

What a cute sweater! The moss green is lovely, not the clichee color for a baby, and I guess that's good. I once heard that children need a stimulation for their color sense development, a lot more than just pink and light blue.
We have interesting recycling products, but it seems to be dangerous to use them. Why?
I bought envelopes, made of discarded maps which means the printed matter was on the outer surface of the envelope. I went to my new health insurance office into the lobby and handed over a few documents they needed to register me. These documents never arrived! Someone must have mistaken them as advertisment material and dumped them.

Connie Rose said...

Adorable sweater! Someone ought to put out a book of sweater patterns for adults based on designs for children. Kids knit designs are usually simpler and more playful IMO.
Great work!

Jeannie said...

I agree with Connie Rose. That sweater looks like it would be so cozy and I love hooded clothing. The moss green is beautiful.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

The sweater is just adorable, both the model/shape and the color.


Carol said...

Gorgeous jacket, and I love the hood and the colour. Lucky baby! I can't believe you sat an home and heard the Eagles, live. I love living on the far side of the world but sometimes I feel a little envious. XX

PaMdora said...

I love that you took a picture of the napkin. I notice little things like that, but never thought to blog about it.

Rayna said...

Love the napkin - such a wonderful sense of humor! Hope the size and the season merge -- it is a beautiful sweater. When is the baby due?