Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Right Here in River City

Autumn is actually coming to town!  I spotted this lovely tree as I was working out at the gym yesterday.

C and I have been fans of the Moth Podcast for a couple of years.  He often comes home from running errands in town and will say, "Did you hear the Moth story about ________?".  Then we laugh or sigh, but always have some reaction to share.  If you don't know about the Moth podcast, you can find it on iTunes, and it is easily uploadable to your iPod or iPhone.  They feature true stories told live without notes before a live audience.  It seems that the group has been traveling throughout Georgia during the month of October on what they are calling "The Unchained tour of Georgia", basically trying to unchain people from the internet (ooops, here I am!), Facebook, Twitter AND the big box book stores.  (We are fortunate to have two lovely local book stores in our small town.)  We learned that the crew would be stopping here this evening, performing in the intimate open air amphitheater at the History Center.  So, if you listen to the Moth, and you haven't seen Dan Kennedy, the host, here he is:

We enjoyed a wonderful hour of story telling by three very talented raconteurs, plus musical interludes performed by Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent.  Thanks, Unchained Tour, for stopping in Gainesville!

Our weather has been delightful over the past week or so with overnight temps in the 40-50 range and daytime highs in the 70s.  We are enjoying the lovely October blue skies.  And the sunsets!  WOW!!  Here's what we saw when we walked Barker last evening:

It is also perfect weather for dyeing!  I spent about five long and dreary hours doing paperwork for my Mom this morning, and then rewarded myself with several hours in the studio this afternoon!  YAYYY!  Maybe there'll be fiber pictures tomorrow.



Rayna said...

I know about those long and dreary mornings doing mom's paperwork and paying her bills. I empathize.

The autumn tree is gorgeous - I am watching my woods for color changes; the trees that are not bare are turning gold or are still green, here. My favorite season but I don't like what comes after it.

Carol said...

Yes, I empathize too. What wonderful photos, Judy, I'm especially envious of the fall colours. We get so little of that here on the coast. xx

Eva said...

Phantastic tree! Magic transformation!