Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Another Visitor Drops By

As C and I were eating lunch, I heard a plunk against the sliders in the living room and looked out to find this poor little guy on the patio floor:

Of course both Elsie (our kitty cat) and Barker were also there, wanting to go investigate.  

The male Eastern Bluebird is a truly gorgeous creature, so I again wrestled my trusty iPhone out of my pocket and began to snap some pictures.  

As with last week's Towhee, this little guy didn't want to leave the comfort of my hand, but after I felt sure he was going to be ok on his own, I sat him in the tray of one of our high feeders, and left him to his own desires.  I watched him from inside and he flew off in a matter of minutes. 

Some days are just too difficult to deal with: 

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connie said...

We need to call you the bird whisperer. I feel just like Barker. :-)

Jeannie said...

Bird whisperer indeed! What a beautiful bird. Barker does look exhausted.;-) Have a great day.

Eva said...

They come to you -- there must be reasons! Lovely bird! What an enchanting event.

Gerrie said...

Do you know about the IPhone game Angry Birds? I think these are angry birds, LOL.

Terry said...

That poor bluebird looks very pissed off in the first photo! He was probably really in need of a little love and nurturing.

Carol said...

Lucky he landed on your patio. Very beautiful little bird, another I've never seen, of course. I love the photo of Barker - I feel a bit like that too. xx

Yael said...

Such wonderful photos of a lovely and beautiful bird! I am glad it made it - thank you for helping it!!

Joyce said...

You are getting to be quite the bird lady! Nice that they both survived.

Elizabeth said...

We have had three birds fly into our windows in the last two days! All have shaken it off and been ok thank goodness. I think that in our case it is the low fall sun shining into our south facing windows- the birds don't see the barriers.
Barker and my dogs must have the same lazy bug!!! It IS all about doggie comfort after all , isn't it??????

Eva Hagbjärn said...

You have a very good hand with animals Judy.
Lovely birds!