Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Yesterday and the Weekend

Rayna wondered if I would be able to duplicate the layered silk piece I posted pictures of a week or so ago.  I love a challenge....especially when I've taken notes on how  I completed the process!  The photo above shows the first piece of silk on the right, and the new piece is on the left.  While I used the same dyes in the same sequence, I chose a different stencil for the second piece.  As you can see, the colors are almost exactly the same, and I believe that the only difference is that the second piece is on charmeuse whereas the first was done on crepe de chine.  While doing the first piece, I washed, dewaxed, and dried between dye applications, while on the second piece, I simply let it dry, applied more soy wax, and then more dye.  I like them both, and while the first technique uses more time and water, I think it produces more of a suggestion of depth.  I hope to do much, much more of this.

Here is a detail shot of the second piece:

The reddish background is actually more of a deep rust color, which is quite nice with the yellow orange and olive green.

C and I had a fun weekend in Atlanta, starting things off on Friday evening by attending the opening of a photography exhibit at Kai Lin Art, which is just down Peachtree from our little condo.  We loved viewing the work of many fine young, local photographers and look forward to seeing much more in the future.  On Saturday morning we headed out to make several stops, the first being at Kudzu, where we hoped to find the 'lamp lady' in her little stall.  She was indeed there, and was most helpful in guiding our choice in shades for two lamps, one being a vintage 70's lamp that we have lovingly lugged to every home since we purchased it new in Miami in 1972!  To think that things we acquired new early on in our marriage are now considered 'vintage'!  LOL   C spotted some wonderful old wooden print blocks, so I picked up a 2 and a 4!  Then he found a great old stainless steel lamp which looks just perfect in the condo - you'll have to trust me on that, as I forgot to take a picture!  I spotted two 'vintage' 70s stainless steel chairs with red vinyl seat covers.  They will look terrific in our newish kitchen, but they are still in Atlanta as my car is too small to accommodate them and Barker and me, plus C driving!   We split a healthy veggie sandwich at Southern Sweets Bakery, and then headed over to the Dekalb Farmers Market to pick up some fresh Fall veggies.  I don't know about you, but I just adore oven roasted Brussels Sprouts!  Have you ever tried oven roasting parsnips and carrots in just a bit of olive oil and salt and pepper?  YUMMMM!  But I digress!  Later that afternoon we saw "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest" (the last in the Stieg Larsson trilogy) in subtitles at Midtown Arts Cinema.  If you intend to see it be aware that it is two hours and thirty minutes long, but I can attest to how good it is by saying that it wasn't until the last five minutes that I realized that I was sitting on the edge of my seat and my neck was stiff.  And, I have read the book, but the movie was still superb!!  We walked around the corner to Trader Joe's and did a quick bit of shopping and then enjoyed a lovely Indian dinner at Desi Spice.  The great thing about Midtown Promenade shopping center is that it contains such diverse spots: the great cinema, Trader Joe's, Richard's Variety next-door, and probably 15-20 wonderful restaurants.

I put the finishing touches on "Ultimo Tango" when we got back home on Sunday afternoon.  While I haven't snapped a picture of it in its entirety (36 x 72"), here is a detail shot: 

I hope you like it!

Don't forget to check out yesterday's post and leave a comment in regard to which book you would like to receive.  I'm saddened that more people aren't just leaving comments left and right about those books!  Don't be shy: make an old lady's day for heaven sakes!  LOL



Gerrie said...

Of course, my question is why would you want to duplicate something - just kidding. They are both lovely. I like that bit of rusty red showing through the yellow.

I do like Ultimo Tango - and you are encouraging me to get back to making complex cloth.

Eva said...

Love, love this golden leaf on burgundy and green. Just perfect!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

I've also seen all three movies in the Stieg Larsson trilogy, and they were very exciting.
I've not read the books however.

Love your scarfs!


Carol said...

Your duplicate is lovely, and "Ultimate Tango" superb. I see you used your new 2 and 4 - what a great find. Your weekend sounds wonderful - I'm just about to read The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest and yet to see any of the movies. Looking forward to them. Sorry about the books - it would be the fabric one I'd like, but I just felt it should go to someone more deserving. xxoo

Jeannie said...

Beautiful fabrics Judy! Tango is fantastic. Your weekend sounds wonderful and I am green with envy about the letter press blocks! Thank you for over 900 posts of inspiration. Have fun with Jane!

Elizabeth said...

Well Rayna asked and you CERTAINLY DELIVERED!!!!! Good for you- they are both stunning- one of these days we are going to get together to play somehow someway!!!!!!!! I am so envious of your country life and then your city visits and fun!!! I am going to go with Matt tomorrow into DC as he has an assignment to got to the National Gallery for one of his classes- he invited me to join him and I jumped at the opportunity! Not sure when such an invite would come again- he even said taht he would go with me to view the Coral Reef in Crochet exhibit at the National History Museum!! amazing!!!!
Have a fabulous time with Jane, your art and your process has grown so much since you were last there-wonderful stuff and thank you for letting us watch the process!!!! XOXX