Saturday, November 06, 2010

City Sites

Our weather has been a bit crazy lately: a very warm summer, an extremely cold winter 2010 and now it is unseasonably cold for November: about 20 degrees below normal!  YIKES!  A cold front pushed its way through the state yesterday afternoon.  I snapped this picture as we drove past the new W hotel in Midtown on our way to our condo.  The sun was out and it was very breezy, about 44 degrees.  Within minutes of taking this picture, the heavens opened and we were engulfed in torrents of rain.  Then it cleared and was even colder.  I love the reflections of the Mayfair condo towers in the glass of the W.

It was 35 when we walked Barker through our little neighborhood this morning.  Both C and I spotted this sign and had a good laugh:

We tried to decide what type of humor that is.  Do you think it's funny?  We loved it!

And beside the sign above, there was this:

We watched the movie Wendy and Lucy the other evening, and we can't get it off of our minds.  Have you seen it?  If not, you've missed a good one!  Very sad, but also very thought provoking.

And now for one last bit of Midtown humor:

I'm off to San Antonio this afternoon.  I hope my flight will get in on time so that I can enjoy dinner out with those of my classmates who have also arrived early.  We've become a tight group and enjoy one another's company both in class and socially.  That in itself is a gift from Jane.  She did a great job in putting us together.  It would be horrible to be involved with 11 others over a 2 1/2 year time span and not enjoy one another!  While I'm in Texas, my laptop will be at the Doctor's..........undergoing a hard drive transplant.  Please keep it in your thoughts and prayers!  It seems that I have done it a great deal of harm by transporting it to and from the city without turning it off.  It never occurred to me that I needed to do that.  Oh well: live and learn!  So, there will be no blogging for about a week.  I may try to post pics from my iPhone on FB, but I have a feeling that I will be crashing early in the evenings and won't miss my computer very much.

Hope you have a wonderful week..........and I'll 'see' you on the 13th!



Teodo said...

Judy enjoy yuor week.
Here too it's very cold
ciao ciao

Gerrie said...

Have a great week. I have to enjoy this vicariously through you so send some photos.

Jeannie said...

LOL! I had the same message as Gerrie! Have fun!!!

Beverly said...

Enjoy your week, hope the patient returns from the doctor good as new.

Carol said...

Free strips of paper:very funny; lost doggy:sad; pumpkins:hilarious in a dreadful kind of way. I love the reflections in tall buildings as you do. Have a great week. Take lots of photos. I'll miss you. xx

Eva said...

Had a good laugh about the free paper strips. Even if I hung that up in a German translation, I wonder if people would understand it!
And the pumpkins are hilarious. Something for everyone to understand!
After some warm, rainy days, our temps are rather normal for the season, and so is the change of color and falling leaves.

Noura said...

Judy have nice time

ArtGirl said...

that's awesome! free paper strips - great!!!