Monday, November 15, 2010

Gee But I'ts Great be back home!  I had a great time in San Antonio, but it's always nice to return home, sleep in your own bed, and even cook your own meals!!  Imagine that!

I learned a lot in my class, and will have a busy six months completing my assignments and refining the pieces that I did for this past session.  

There is a small farmers' market in the parking lot across from Jane's studio, so of course I had to go check it out and snap a few pictures.

We eat our lunches in the studio every day of class, so it was nice to enjoy fresh tomatoes in our salads.  I wished I could have taken home some of the other gorgeous produce.

I walked to class almost every morning this past week.  It's a pleasant and relatively short distance, through an interesting older neighborhood.  Here are a few things that I saw:

a rainbow array of silks dyed in class:

 I'm now involved in a wall hanging for one of our guestrooms.  I'm auditioning some silk broadcloth

My computer survived its transplant and seems to be behaving itself, and for that I am grateful!  I was miserable without it, and feel that I've missed a lot of what my blogging buddies have been up to over the past week.  I hope you all have behaved!  I'll be checking on you!



Gerrie said...

Welcome back! I missed you.

Jeannie said...

Welcome home! I missed you too! Gorgeous fabrics. I love dyeing silk and the way it soaks up the dye. What a wonderful walk to class you had - eye candy for breakfast! Have a great week. Of course, I behaved while you were gone - LOL!

Karoda said...

Wow! I popped over to see if you were blogging FROM TX and you're home. Gawwwgous! dyed work!

connie said...

Hey, welcome back!!! We missed you. Oh, thank you so much for the book. I am loving it. It is going to provide so much new inspiration!!! Thanks again!!!!

Carol said...

So pleased you're back, I missed you too. Just off on another trip with P. Email when I get home. xx

Elizabeth said...

PHEW!!!!! You went, had a great time, wowed the teacher, of that I am sure, no medical emergencies to tear at you this time, and now you are home!!!! BRAVO!!
How are Kristen and the Babe!?? At this point in my pregnancies Tom and I were always singing the Buddy Holly song Everyday- It's a goin faster.......

linda said...

sounds like you had a fabulous week - beautiful fabrics - thanks for sharing - also for your comment on my blog.