Thursday, December 16, 2010

This Thing Called Love

an icy December morning here in Georgia

With our recent induction into the world of grandparenthood, I have given a lot of thought to this newest sphere of love that we are entering.  It is a fierce love, and while similar to that of a mother's protectiveness of her newborn, it feels a bit more mellow to me.  Maybe I haven't been with Charlie enough yet to truly experience all that it entails.  Perhaps it will be different when I drive him somewhere for the first time, or watch him in his first Christmas pageant or soccer game, or pick him up after school.  I love holding him: and love it even more when he just slightly opens his eyes to perhaps sneak a peek at the crazy old woman who is talking such nonsense to him.....and then I really go nuts when he gives me a little smile (even though his grandfather insists it's just gas!).  This love is the best and I'm so glad that I've had the opportunity to experience it!

And then there's this other love: my knitting pals have introduced me to a new-to-me BBC TV series: William and Mary.  I first heard about it a few months back and C and I rather reluctantly added it to our Netflix queue, and then when it arrived in the mail the other day we somewhat unexcitedly popped it into the dvd player.  I was knitting, C was reading, and we both had one eye on the TV.  Martin Clunes appeared on the screen and I was not impressed: a rather nondescript British dude, and I thought surely not one of the main characters: wrong!  By the end of the first show I was hooked!  It was the same old story: boy finds girl, boy looses girl, boy finds girl.....but with a twist!  C calls it a 'chick flick' and he may just be right: I'm smitten!  We watched the second episode last night, and I still cannot put a finger on what makes it so addictive to me.  Is it because it's about folks almost my age falling in love again?  What is it????  I experienced these emotions forty years ago, and the wonderment of it all returns!  Crazy!!!  We discussed it at knitting yesterday and my friends who loved the series had the same reaction as I!  They tell me that Martin Clunes has been the star in many British films and series, so I'm ordering them all up on Netflix now!  LOL  Is it his nonthreatening gentleness that attracts us 'girls'?  Just what is it????  While on 'holiday' in England last Spring, one of my knitting friends went so far as to hire a car to take her to the town where Martin Clunes resides.  I heard her talk about this at the time and thought she was rather crazy....but now I totally understand....I'd do it too!  So, what do you think?  Have you seen any of his shows?  Do you adore him or do you hate him, or simply feel nothing at all? 

As I muddle all of this over in my head, I'm finishing up a few things for Charlie, for as you know, his due date is this coming Sunday!  



Joyce said...

The best thing about being a grandma is all the fun without the responsibility and the night feedings. It's the best and even fun when they are in university as most of mine are.

Caroline Berk said...

It is a smile. I know because my grandson smiled at me, too. And Grandmas KNOW.

Eva said...

If "William and Mary" is such a good series, I very much doubt whether I will see it on our crappy German tv. They never showed "Eli Stone" till the end, and we're suffering until today from not knowing how it will go on. It is not available elsewhere either. Same drama with "Life on Mars". What a drag and waiting for years (I'm not exaggerating) until they did show the end.
We'll see.
I wish I had a grandchild to keep me busy. Will have to kidnap my grandniece.

Jeannie said...

You have just added a new definition to "young love". I am so happy that you and Charlie are having special time together. Have you ever seen the BBC show "As Time Goes By"? Judi Dench is the lead and it is about a couple our parents age finding each other. Have a wonderful time with your new love.

Karen said...

He looks so peaceful there. You're right about the smile, Riley sometimes honors me with one when I talk to her. And the deep soulful looks she gives like she knows everything and can't tell us are the best

Eva Hagbjärn said...

I followed William and Mary some time ago, don't remember exactly when - one or two years ago I think, and I loved that TV series too ;-)
Don't know exactly why, but I like almost all of the English series that been shown on TV here in Sweden.
Lovely picture of little Charlie and his Mom.

Carol said...

Beautiful photo of Charlie. No wonder you're loving this experience so much. As you know, I'm hooked on my grand cherubs too.

Martin Clunes is a favourite of mine. I haven't seen William & Mary but love him (grumpy old thing that he is) in Doc Martin, set in a divine English seaside village, with a loopy cast of villagers, and a wonderful love story with more downs than ups. I agree that at first sight you wonder that he could be the lead but he's a good actor and very popular.
And Dame Judi Dench is one of my favourites and I'd suggest you try to see anything she's in. xx

Rayna said...

We don't get BBC America on our tv but who needs anything else when they can look at a picture of this beautiful sleeping little boy? Too beautiful for words.