Monday, January 31, 2011

A Cool Cowl & My New BFF

So I'm knitting away on my new Beauchamp Cowl, courtesy of Cosmicpluto, and having a grand old time with it.  The main color is the lovely black Ambrosia baby alpaca/silk/cashmere blend and the contrast yarns are leftovers from socks that I have already knit.  I am a huge fan of the Knitmore Girls podcast and, as they like to say, this is potato chip knitting: you can't just eat one, and you certainly can't just knit one row!

And you thought he was my best friend?

Well, he may be, but I've found another best friend too:

and just what is this?  Well, I'll tell you.  In order to set the Procion MX dyes that I love to use in my line of work, I need to keep my dyed fabrics at a temperature of roughly 70F or above for at least two hours.  Well, it would be cost prohibitive to maintain my studio temp at 70 during the winter, so I had become accustomed to bringing my dyed things into the house in one of those bulky 'underbed storage units' each night, and then placing the unit on top of a heating pad.  I grew tired of that form of aerobic exercise and purchased this wonderful heating mat that is used to germinate seeds.  It works!!!  YAYYYY!  It resides out in my studio and provides sufficient heat to batch my dyed silks!  I am ecstatic.  
Here's another view of my new little darling:



Jeannie said...

The cowl is beautiful! I love the design. I could use that mat tonight. To sit upon. Bitter cold and windy. So, send the mat and the cowl and no one gets hurt. LOL! Have a great week.

Gerrie said...

What a fantastic idea. I must look into this. That Jeannie - she made me laugh.

Carol said...

We're in the middle of a heat wave so the cowl, which is a most gorgeous pattern, is something I can't even begin to imagine wearing. Please tell Barker that his Aussie fans adore him, just in case he thinks he's being thrown over for a heating mat.
Now, I have to show my ignorance: what does BFF stand for? I get the Best Friend bit but what's with the second F? It took me years to learn that LOL is laugh out loud, not lots of love, as it was when I was a girl. In the dark ages, obviously. xox

Eva said...

Looking forward to sprouts coming up from your silks. Hope they will bear fruit.

Lisa Kerpoe said...

I've heard about those seed germinating pads. Fabulous idea! Can you buy it locally or did you get it online?

Kandi Corp. said...

Hi Judy!
I recently became a follower of your blog and thought you might be interested in doing the same at
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Thanks for the other blog post on the cubans, I know what is for dinner tonight:)

Anna said...

Hi Judy!
I love your knit work. What a great inventor you are, using the seed germinating pad in a way that makes it suit your purpose. It takes a woman to come up with a thing like that ;)