Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Hike from Hell

During our 30+ years of living in northeast Georgia, we have hiked many segments of the Appalachian Trail and taken many memorable strolls on trails in the Smokies.  So yesterday we left our hotel room in Greenville and headed up to Brevard to walk along an old favorite, the Pink Beds Trail.  It had been many years since we'd been there, and we were looking forward to it.  The name is derived from the fact that most of the trail is surrounded and covered by lovely old Mountain Laurel and Rhododendron, which are pink when blooming and after blooming, the trail is covered in pink blossoms.

It looked more like a 'white bed' trail yesterday.

The high temps for the afternoon were forecast to be close to 70 in Greenville, so although cooler in this area north of Brevard, we knew it would be perfect weather for a walk in the woods.....and it was.  But look at the snow!

The trail was in great condition when we began, but as we progressed it got icier, snowier, and muddier, depending upon which way the sun was hitting it.  

I couldn't believe how much snow still remained in certain segments!

By the time we finished the 4.5 miles, we were quite thankful that we hadn't slipped and fallen in either the ice, mud or snow!  (Don't tell C, but now that it's a day behind me, I think I may actually have enjoyed that hike!)

I did see a lot of beautiful natural art, and snapped a few pictures.  Look at the layers on this old fallen log

just one more:

We arrived home at about 3 this afternoon, and it was close to 70 here!  WooHoo!  I opened up all the doors in the studio and spent several blissful hours dyeing, printing, and manipulating silk.    The few days away were great: helped me clear my head and figure out the path I need to take here at home.



Jeannie said...

I have hiked that trail!!! It is beautiful. I actually bought some Mt. Laurel and tried to grow it here with dismall results. The weather Gods are at it again. 70 in your neck of the woods and snow flurries off and on all day here! LOL! Have fun in the studio.

Gerrie said...

Now, that blog title was hyperbole!! I was expecting much worse than that!!

Eva said...

Nobody would make me walk this path. I slipped on the ice a fews years ago and got hurt, so I had to wear a splint for 6 weeks. Thanks, no, to walking on ice.

Diana Parkes said...

Congrats on your walk Judy. I would love to do such a walk although I am not sure about the snow and ice. I have read Bill Bryson's account of his long trail walk, not sure whether it was the Appalachian Trail, but I certainly enjoyed the tale!