Wednesday, January 12, 2011


My friend Rayna has named these the 'breakfast resists'...and she does have a point!  I am continuing to work with the resist 'recipes' that I have learned from Lisa Kerpoe's Irresistable Texture dvd.

The photo above is of the grits resists: the portion on the right obviously has a higher water to grits ratio.  I was overjoyed with the results!

This is my first result of the oatmeal resist, with the dye paste added after the oatmeal had sat on the silk habotai for only about an hour:

I had also decreased the dye concentration here (as opposed to in the grits resist recipe), as I want to layer this piece.

Here's the outcome after letting the oatmeal dry on the habotai and then applying the dye paste, and letting it batch for 24 hours:

I loved the results so much that I took two more shots of it, but from the side:

Don't they remind you a bit of glaciers with broken ice around them?  I loved these results so much that I cannot wait to do more!

Speaking of ice, we are still pretty much iced in around these parts!  Our temps have dropped dramatically (with highs today only in the 20s), so the snow and ice mix that we have is not melting or going away.  I was able to get out, with the aid of 4 wheel drive, and go to my beloved knitting group.  We normally meet in the business center of my church, but the church offices are closed due to the weather, so Jill, one of our members, suggested that we bring a sandwich and our knitting and meet at her home.  I picked up Dr. Sock and we were on our way!  She is now teaching us Fair Isle Knitting, so everyone was glad to see her ever-smiling face!  Obviously cabin fever had hit all of us hard, as not a soul wanted to depart the confines of Jill's wonderful old home, which had once belonged to her grandparents!  

I snapped these pics this evening

sweet gum balls on our driveway, which is slowly but surely becoming its old self

what do you do with leftover grits?  why, you make this wonderful grits casserole....which isn't just for breakfast!  Thanks Lisa!

and one last pic:

a reflection of our backyard trees in our swimming pool.....can you see the surface ice and the pine needles?  



Jeannie said...

I thought the reflection photo was another of your gorgeous dyed fabric!LOL! Beautiful results from the Breakfast Club. Your weather sounds awful. I am glad you got out to play. Hugs.

Chris said...

Hi Judy. I'm really enjoying your posts about dyeing with resists. Your silk fabrics are gorgeous!

Connie Rose said...

Those fabrics are gorgeous, Judy!

Carol said...

Such fun watching your results. I love the glacier pics. And what a beautiful photo of the pool reflection. Hard to imagine ice here at the moment. xx

Karoda said...

Fiber, its just not for breakfast anymore...corny, i know, but couldn't "resist it"...okay, stay warm and creative, your results are looking good.