Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Having Fun

Today was one of those days that I could have spent 48 hours in the studio never feeling tired, bored, hungry, thirsty, or distracted in any fashion.  The weather was perfect, with temps hovering around 70 (!) and I had no place to go but the studio.  Perfect!  I had dyed a couple of scarves last evening and was eager to rinse and iron them.....always the great reward!  While dyeing scarves is no longer my main focus, it is a good way to see how new techniques and dye combinations will work.  Above you can see a portion of a lovely crepe de chine scarf.

Here is it's twin sister:

I am utilizing the sodium alginate resist technique that Lisa Kerpoe describes in her new dvd.  I can dye two fabrics for the price of one....and they are both lovely!  Check out that dvd - it is full of information you will find interesting and useful!

This is a detail shot of a piece that I finished yesterday.  

You may recall its beginning here.......and I can show you no more, but I am thrilled with the outcome!

I am excited about my studio work these days.  It seems that with every door that opens, there is another one opening just beyond it.  Asking the 'what if' question grows more and more exciting every morning when I open my studio door!

And then there's that adorable little grandson......oh my goodness!!  I had an email from Jeannie this afternoon, asking if I had survived Charlie and his family's move......well, YES!!!  It was one of the most rewarding experiences of our married life.  Both C and I came away from spending three days with our Charlie & Co feeling pride, joy, love, and a connection so very great!  We loved every moment and feel so honored that we were asked to lend a hand.  Charlie is growing by leaps and bounds, sleeping through the night, turning over, and grabbing and grasping.  He smiles, giggles, tries to carry on a conversation with anyone who will listen, and is a real comedian.  Can you tell that I am totally smitten with this little guy?  

So, why haven't I blogged?  Well, I want this blog to be more fiber oriented and less family oriented.  Of course I will post an occasional photo from a lovely meal, a family event, etc., but I really do want to focus on fiber.  Because of that, I may not post as frequently, but please bear with me.  I think that most of my followers are here to read about fiber, not family....am I correct?  
Speak to me.......are you for fiber or family????



Jeannie said...

I want to know EVERYTHING!!! LOL! Blog what you want to blog about. You know I will be here. The scarves are beautiful and the little teaser? Oh, I can't wait until you are able to reveal the rest. I am so glad you had a wonderful time with Charlie & Co. Have a wonderful week. By the way, it is supposed to be 7 here Friday night! BRRR!

Gerrie said...

You and all the above!!

Beverly said...

Ditto what they said-- the scarves are lovely, btw. I wish I had half your energy and vision in the studio- lately I can't seem to stay focused for any length of time at all.

Sherrie said...

I love reading and looking at pictures of your process. i feel the same way about my art. You are correct with keeping it mostly about fiber. I do the same.

Carol said...

I love to read about everything you do. Everything. Your scarves are gorgeous and the teaser looks teasingly interesting. xxoo

Diana Angus said...

It is your blog, your voice, your choice. I personally love to see pictures of your grandson, but you keep writing and we will keep following.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

I'll always read your blog, so it doesn't matter what you are writing about, but... I think I prefer to read about your family anyhow. Sorry!

Charlie is so cute and I understand that you love to spend time with him. Who wouldn't?
I've had my grandkids here today and last Monday. I get very tired in the evening after a whole day having both them and my 'big' baby (Bertil), but it's worth every second of tiredness.