Friday, February 25, 2011


There wasn't a lot of studio time for me today, but I did enjoy myself.  Our weather has been incredibly beautiful lately, so afternoons in the studio are a pure delight.  This is a section of the silk crepe de chine that I grits resisted today.  I'm not sure if I love grits or potato dextrin more as resists - they both achieve different but equally exciting results.

I've been enjoying learning stranded knitting and have almost completed my first mitten!  YAYY!!

This is the Squirrelly Swedish Mitten designed by Ellie Stubenrauch (Elliphantom).  I know there are a few mistakes in this first one, but I still have the second one to knit, so I'm hoping to do a bit better.

Here's the flip side, sans thumb - ah, well, it does have my thumb but not the knitted thumb, just yet!  That will come in time.  Now that Spring is on its way, I don't feel the need to hurry with these mittens....they should be finished by next Winter!




Eva said...

hooray for mittens! Do you know the book by Nancy Bush on Estonian folk knitting? I bought it, it is excellent AND provides profound knowledge about history and meaning of knit art. Your first born twins are wonderful, you are so talented!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Lovely colors on the mittens and of course - they have to be Swedish ;-)


Jeannie said...

Cute, cute, and gorgeous! Love the fabric and the mittens make me smile. Is a sweater with squirrels in Charlie's future? Have a fun filled weekend.

connie said...

I love the fabric. It is just wonderful. I am not a knitter but I so love the mitten... Have fun and enjoy your beautiful weather we are freezing here on the west coast. I guess winter finally arrived....

Anna said...

Love your mittens and wish I had the patience to get into a project like that myself :)