Saturday, March 05, 2011

California, Here We Are!

We are in southern California for a few days of family visiting with C's brother and sister-in-law.  The weather couldn't be better, nor could the company we are keeping!

C and I lived in this city almost 40 years ago and it is always interesting to see how things have changed with each visit. Yesterday we were delighted to spend a good bit of time at The Huntington in San Marino: a marvelous museum and botanical gardens located in the former home and estate of Henry and Arabella Huntington.  We wandered through the Huntington's grand home where we admired their art collection.  A delicious lunch was enjoyed in the outdoor cafe, and then Molly and I split up from the two guys and took a long and leisurely stroll through the gardens.

I snapped this picture just before lunch.  What a pretty day and idyllic spot, huh?

One of the rather ornate chairs located inside the residence:

I was intrigued by several busts located on the patio 

Their capes were composed of mosaic pieces.

Both Molly and I got a kick out of the Children's Garden, designed to delight the minds of any child - or adult!  This is a playhouse which is slowly being 'constructed' with a topiary of vines.

There were lots of topiary animals, footprints and pressed leaves in the concrete walkways, shrubbery mazes, and fabulous little areas that erupted into mist so heavy that we could see rainbows!

I think I could have been happy staying in the Children's Garden all afternoon, but there was so much more to see: we walked along to the Chinese, Japanese, Australian and Desert Gardens.

Bamboo in the Japanese Gardens:

a little tunnel connecting sections of the Japanese Gardens:

Many of the cacti were all in full bloom in the Desert Garden

I love the color combos here:

So long for now!



Jeannie said...

Oh my! Glorious sunshine and green plants! What a sight for the senses. I love that chair! Have fun!

Eva said...

A vistit in paradise, it seems. You lucky ones. Hope you will enjoy the rest of the tour just as well -- and show us all of it!

Lisa Kerpoe said...

Sounds like a glorious day! What a feast for the eyes. Don't you find that you have renewed inspiration and energy for your art after spending time looking at beautiful things in nature and/or a museum? I always get great ideas for cloth after an experience like that.

Connie Rose said...

Fabulous trip, Judy. Enjoy SoCal, my original stomping grounds!