Sunday, March 06, 2011

California Part Deux

Yesterday we departed bright and early to be part of a birding group in a wetlands/water treatment area approximately 45 minutes away from 'home'.  It was another gorgeous day, and not only could we see a magnificent view of Mt. San Jacinto in the background but we also saw some beautiful birds including a Meadowlark, female Vermillion Flycatcher, Ruddy Duck, and Cinnamon Teal.  Our leader had hoped we'd see a male Vermillion Flycatcher, but that guy was not to be seen.  We've seen several in the past, so we spent the morning enjoying our surroundings, friends, and viewing birds and waterfowl we've seen in the past.

Molly and I ran some errands in the afternoon, which included a stop to see the house where Jackson Pollock resided while he was in high school.

It's located in a charming neighborhood with many Arts & Crafts homes which have been renovated.  

We spent some peaceful time on the front porch, reading (and blogging) and watching golfers pass by on the 14th hole.  If I glanced to my right, I could see their citrus grove

on the walk out to the grove is this amazing asparagus fern which has overgrown its confines

there's also a lilac along the path into the grove.  I never see lilacs in Georgia, so this was a welcomed sight!

There are avocados ripening on the trees:

I love the little smudge pot in the middle of their grove!

There are still a lot of oranges to be enjoyed this season:

Another fabulous day..........more to come tomorrow/today!



Eva said...

What a great trip! -- What is a smudge pot for? And did it kill the tree next to it?

Anonymous said...

Great photos, Judy! In the one of the front porch, what is that to the LEFT of the chair? One of Chris' bird sculptures? We keep missing each other--we're heading to San Diego next week on Mar. 17and hope to see Chris and Molly. It would've been nice to see you, too! Have fun!
xxoo Carroll