Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Last Vacation Blog

We had a lengthy 'to do' list consisting of places we wanted to go and people we really 'had' to see on our SoCal visit.  Of course, our hostess and host wanted to add to that list - and rightly so, since they do live there and know where we really need to go!  We finally got to meet our two great nephews, Kosta and Desmond, and that was a real kick!  We had not enjoyed the company of their parents, both of whom we totally adore, since their wedding so it was about time!  Our great nephews are charming young men: Kosta is an energy-charged, precocious and handsome 4-1/2 year old; and Desmond is an extremely personable and adorable 2-1/2 month old.  It would have been easy to twist my arm into taking either or both home with me - but I know that their grandparents and parents would not have allowed that!

So on Monday we were cramming all of the last minute to-do's into our day.  My sister-in-law is incredibly organized and knew exactly where and when we needed to be places.  We mailed packages at the post office, took pictures of the topiary lady holding the platters, visited a chain supermercado to purchase gourmet delights for C, and then headed for an incredible lunch at Tio's Tacos.
We were told it would be a memorable experience, but we were so naive!  How could we know that they were describing not only the scrumptious food but also our surroundings!!!  Sensory overload to the max!!!

I ordered the tostadas special, which was one each of fish and shrimp.  I must say that they were, bar none, the most wonderful tostadas I've ever eaten.  I had intended to share, but that never happened!

Fearing that the two small tostadas wouldn't fill me up, I also ordered the cheese quesadillas

It didn't take long for me to realize that I would not be able to finish my order, so I shared......and we all enjoyed!  Needless to say, we all pushed back from the table totally full!

After eating, we began to wander around the area surrounding Tio's Tacos and we were totally entertained!  Tio really has a sense of humor AND an imagination that beats all!

You can read more about Tio's Tacos and his folk art work here.  I can't possibly do

it justice!  (do enlarge the above picture and tell me what you see!)

Later that afternoon we drove in to Claremont where we visited with C's cousin Mark and his wife.  What fun!!!  We hadn't seen them in quite some time, so it was great to be together again.  After wine, munchies, and conversation, we dined at a wonderful Mediterranean restaurant in the Packing House, a fabulous old citrus packing house that Henry was instrumental in restoring.  I only wish that we lived nearby and could be a part of his vision! 

OK, I promise.........I'm back to fiber art with my next post!  I've got several pieces of silk in dye pots, and I'll be taking pictures tomorrow.

In the meantime, a hearty thanks to our long-weekend hosts for a wonderful, memorable, and very loving visit!!



connie said...

Looks like a perfect vacation!

Jeannie said...

Yum!!! I love the folk art. Clarmont is such a beautiful city. I know better than to read your blog when I am hungry. I wonder if I can run to the store for taco fixings in my pjs?

Jeff Hickmott said...

You're making me hungry...

Anonymous said...

The food looks yummy! Who's Henry? You mention him re the packing house. Henry Claremont?? I hope you had a safe trip back.

Carol said...

After reading that I'm now very hungry but won't be finding anything so interesting in my cupboard/fridge, I'll bet. I've had quesadillas but never tostadas - and I really want to try them. NOW! I love Tio's art - I see just about everything but the kitchen sink in the man on the cycle. xx

Elizabeth said...

What a great fun trip!! Learning about the packing House Restuarant led me to ask Tom where his granddad's packing house was located. Tom's Grand was a major orange Grower for Sunkist but in Riverside and he also was part owner of the water cooperative of the area. He actually owned several packing houses and we have labels from fruit crates and even a photo of Tom and I standing in front of one of the houses back when we were newlyweds. What afabulous idea to trun one of those great old buildings into a restaurant- bet they woudl make great studios and artists lofts as well!!! Glad you had so much fun!!

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