Saturday, March 12, 2011


Like so many dyers, I keep 'drip rags' in my studio.  The hamper was getting full so I decided to run a load through the washer and dryer yesterday afternoon.  

When I got them out of the dryer, I was amazed at how lovely some of them appeared.

Isn't it funny how you remember what you were working on when you used a particular rag?  It's somewhat the same as when you hear an old favorite song: you can remember where you were and who you were with when you first heard it.  

I love these moldy oldies, and may have to use them for something other than their original intent.

This last one is actually the cover for my print table, so it has loads and loads of trials on it.



Carol said...

I've never dyed anything (not on purpose anyway) but if I had, and they looked as good as your drip rags, I'd be very happy. xo

Jeannie said...

I think maybe a "rag" maybe a misnomer! I would be thrilled to have results like your rags!!! I love the depth and layers.

Jeannie said...

I miss my Charlie fix. Is he growing like a weed?

connie said...

I think you need to make something with these "rags" They are really lovely.

Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. :-)

Jeannie said...

Me again! LOL! I like the new profile photo and the new "do".

Elizabeth said...

Painted paper towel rags, fabric dye rags etc are often my favorite haphazard things to work with!! These are lucious!!!

Eva said...

Lovely dyeing! So bold. Wonderful results.