Tuesday, April 05, 2011

On the Road Again!

Last night we were plagued by high winds and thunderstorms rolling through Atlanta (and all of the southeast) due to a cold front that was heading east.  Our condo is on the 14th floor, and I was a bit nervous about the winds and possible tornadoes, but what do you do when the storm is upon you?  Thankfully, there were no tornadoes in our vicinity, and the storms had passed before midnight.  I know that many folks in our area were without power over night, and I also know that Georgia Power had its crews out all night restoring power: our daughter is employed as an engineer for that company and didn't get any sleep, but did restore a LOT of power!  

We set off on our drive at about 9:30.  It was about 45 degrees, the air was crisp and the sky was sunny.  We saw many downed trees and a tremendous amount of debris along the roadways as we headed southwest from Atlanta toward Tuskegee and Union Point.  I snapped the above picture at the Alabama Welcome Station.  In case you are not familiar, that is the wild variety of pink honeysuckle.

The South prides itself in its barbecue, and we really enjoy it.  Here's one local 'shack'

 and then there's also the fireworks

we got a chuckle from Betty!

This was our lunch destination:

hmmmm: we had dinner last night at the Four Seasons Hotel in Atlanta and lunch today at Hook's......is there a theme here?????   Nah, I don't think so!

Our next stop was

As my husband always says, there's got to be a destination, so this was one of several today!  We have been members of the Highpointers Club for a long time and while we don't actively seek out the high point of each state, when we are nearby, we do try to go there.  

We rolled into Mobile late in the afternoon, after a peaceful drive through the western Florida panhandle and lower Alabama.  This is the marshy side of Mobile Bay

very peaceful

I love tunnels!



Gerrie said...

You should go to the Methodist student center at the University of S. Alabama to see my wall hanging in the worship space!!!! That would be a destination!! LOL

Have a safe trip.

Teodo said...

Happy trip, Judy.
ciao ciao

linda said...

Enjoy your trip Judy!
Thanks for letting me know you couldn't see my pics, have redone them.

Joyce said...

A road trip among spring flowers sounds like just the ticket! It's still winter here...

Connie Rose said...

Have a great trip, Judy! It's still winter on the North Coast, as well. Love to you.