Friday, May 13, 2011

Just another Day at the Beach

Charlie had his first experience with watercolors yesterday afternoon, and I love his creation!  It was quite a bit of fun to watch him grasp the brush and slide it across the paper.  I hope he and I have the chance to do this frequently, just to see how his style and dexterity change.

There's the proud artist sharing his creation with his Mom.

Earlier in the afternoon he spent a while reading his book on farming.  He was quite mesmerized by the pages...until I pointed my iPhone in his direction, and then he wanted to strike a pose.

our crab dinner from Apalachicola....they were yummy!

Early every morning we take a long stroll on the beach.  
Here are some of our finds:

We saw a Bald Eagle on the beach, and I'm pretty sure the rather large, dark feather in the foreground is one of his.  I don't know who used to wear the striped feather...but both gorgeous and will be added to my collection.  I love the bits of driftwood that I've found - perhaps they will be used as hanging systems for some of my art work.

Several of the pieces I picked up this morning have some coral the added texture.



Terry said...

Oh, what a sweet little face! Aren't you just loving having a grandbaby?

Quilt or Dye said...

I also love to get driftwood with character to use as hangers for my quilts!

Jeannie said...

Fun in the sun!!! I see Charlie, years from now, basking in the sun at his coastal mansion painting wonderful works of art. Of course, this is after he made a billion as a model. I love the memories you are creating with Charlie and his parents. Hugs.

Karen said...

Already reading books and painting watercolors! We have some catching up to do around here.:)