Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Life's A Beach!

Charlie decked out for his evening walk yesterday.  
Hat dyed courtesy of his MiMi.

When we got up to walk this morning, we were pleasantly surprised by the sea fog which enveloped our house and those nearby.

It didn't take long to 'burn off' and we had a lovely walk along the beach, collecting lots of wonderful shells.  

Later in the morning we ventured to the scenic small town of Apalachicola.  We enjoyed a terrific lunch at Boss Oyster

C had the seafood combination 'sandwich' and I had the soft shelled crab basket.  You may recall the soft shelled crab sandwich I had in Picayune a while back.  I thought that was the best ever, but today's delight had it beat hands down!  MMMMM!

Here's a view of Apalachicola Bay from our table on the deck

I, naturally, was on the hunt for a yarn shop, and found this great place

 Yup, I know, it says 'Books' on the front, but you know what they say, "You can't tell a book by its cover".......sorry, couldn't resist!  Anyway, Downtown Books and Purl is a quaint little book store which has a wonderful little yarn shop in the back!

The owner told me that when she became addicted to knitting several years ago, she couldn't find any quality yarn locally and was tired of having to make the drive all the way to Georgia to buy yarn, so she opened "Purl" in the back of her book store.  She has a wonderful selection of yarns and knitting books and is very knowledgeable.  I purchased some cotton yarn for a summer sweater.

Next we hit the seafood market to buy some goodies for dinner.

Charlie's Mom and Dad requested blue claw crab, which we chose live and had steamed right there on the premises; C wanted some sushi tuna; and I opted for some local jumbo shrimp.  So we will have some good eats tonight!

We loved Apalachicola (which is dog friendly, I might add!) and can't wait to return.



Joyce said...

Charlie is even cuter than ever! And what a perfect combination for a store...books and yarn. Hard to beat.

connie said...

Charlie is such a cutie! Looks like a great vacation. Enjoy your time.

Jeannie said...

I think you have found Heaven on Earth! The food....oh my! It looks so delicious. The book/yarn store is a true treasure. The real treasure is that cute little dumpling in the first photo. He is so adorable modeling his special hat. Did Barker get to travel also? I hope you ate a few extra crabs and shrimp for me. Party on!