Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You Gotta Love Him!

I know I confessed to you a while back that I was in love with the phenomenal author Wallace Stegner.....well, now I've found another love!  His name is Ari, and he is the author of the Advanced Style blog.  

I first read about him in the New York Times, and immediately visited his blog.  I love that he promotes the style of folks (both female and male) of 'advanced' age.  I find his interviews to be so uplifting and insightful.  New role models present themselves every day, and I simply can't get enough!!!  Ari is in Paris right now, doing some filming, but he continues to blog.  He photographed this very colorfully stylish gal the other day, only to learn that she actually lives just around the corner from him in New York!  

This is Ilona.....one of my favorites!  Don't you just love her eyelashes!!!  She makes them herself......out of her own hair!!!

Rice Freeman-Zachery recently interviewed Ari for one of her podcasts.  If you'd like to listen in go here.

Since I have nothing to show you today (not that I haven't been working, but sometimes things just aren't ready for prime time!), I hope that Ari will give you a thrill!



Joyce said...

Those ladies are inspiring. I have to revamp my wardrobe!

Gerrie said...

I have been following Ari for a long time and I would love to be one of his models! If I didn't have such a conservatively dressed husband, I would dress like that. He keeps me from going over the top.

Eva said...

After discovering this blog in your blogroll, I started following. I so agree with you about him!
Probably it would make a difference if you present such an outfit in New York City or in a square suburb of a European town... like ours... hm. I used to wear turbans in the most exiting quarter of Hamburg -- I couldn't do it here without getting glances and remarks.