Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Great Date

We had a great date Thursday evening: an art date to a lecture by local artist Radcliffe Bailey at the High Museum .  It was fantastic!  When I first read that Bailey would be lecturing, I called immediately and procured two tickets.  Apparently many others did the same, as his talk was moved from the rather intimate Richard Rich auditorium to the very spacious Alliance Theater, next door to the High.  When we arrived, the main floor was already full, so we walked upstairs to the balcony.  We were the first to be seated there, but it filled up rapidly. 

Above you can see "Winged" a mixed media piece done on paper in 2008.  One of Bailey's recurring images is that of the paddle, which you can plainly see illustrated here.

A common question that artists ask themselves (and eachother) is "when am I finished with this piece?"  Bailey says that he considers a piece complete when it has seven layers.  Hmmmmm: interesting.  I don't believe it is that cut and dried, but then that's just me!

Bailey also likes to incorporate sheet music into his works, along with piano keys, piano shapes, and a wonderful design which he copied from an iron fence.  I wish I could show you more, but Blogger is not cooperating.  That said, you may go here to see more of his marvelous pieces.  I love "In the Garden" and "Fractled"....what are your favorites?  If you go here, you can see the repeated iron fence image.  You can read an interesting article about Bailey and his new show at the High here.  I particularly enjoyed his wedding announcement to actress Victoria Rowell in the New York Times.  I've tried to link that, but unfortunately Blogger is giving me trouble here too!  However, if you are interested, you can Google it.  It's worth your time!

On the home front, I am working away daily doing my color studies and trying out various techniques for my new class pieces.  I also completed a fabulous top-down Roman Shade for my dressing room window.  You can find out how to do that here.  My dear sweet Mom is ailing, and so we are spending a lot of time with her these days.  Bittersweet.



Gerrie said...

I have wondered where you were - and was hoping your Mom was not failing. I know how difficult it is. Do treasure the time you have with her.

Love the Winged piece. Some of his collages remind me of Lisa's work.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Sorry to hear abbout your Mom.


Karoda said...

Thanks again for introducing me to another artist! Travel by Night stirred me. I also liked Freedom Ova Me.

hangeth in there!

Beverly said...

I'm sorry to hear about your mom- I hope you are able to spend the time you both need and say what you need to say.

Take care, thinking of you!