Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ryan McGinness & His Art

Once again, I have fallen in love, but alas, not with a writer this time, but with an artist!  This new lover paints his stories with a brush, acrylics, and often silkscreens......and his name is Ryan McGinness.  Of course, we've never been introduced, but I just LOVE his work - all of the bright, bright colors and layers!  Fabulous!!

Inspired by his masterpieces, I spent about an hour in my studio the other day, just playing with textile paints and Thermofax screens .  It was fun and I learned a lot.  Here's the end product and also a detail shot:

I like how most of the paints played together, but the green was all wrong - should have been translucent, but I didn't have any!  I've since rectified that matter, so I hope to have another hour of playtime soon to see how things will go.

If you would like to read more about Ryan McGinness and his process, you can do so here.



Eva said...

This is blinking amazing.
Very stunning, very perfect, but in a way superficial.
I can see the inspiration in your piece, but you transform it from mere decoration into saying something.

Karoda said...

He looks like he has so much fun creating...I wonder what his challenges are in the process.

Carol said...

I like his bold colours and I like even more the inspiration you are finding from his work.You go ahead in leaps and bounds -very exciting to watch. xx