Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This Old House

Every so often I get this hair-brained idea that it is time for us to sell our home and either move to the city full time or buy another condo here that has room enough for my studio.  Then there's a day like today when the air is cool and dry, the breeze is delicious, and the gardens are delightful!  How could we go?  True, we're not getting any younger, but would giving in to that notion cause us to age even more rapidly?  I don't know, but as of this morning, I'm making the official announcement to anyone who might be listening (or reading) that we're not going anywhere soon!  sigh......................

Now here are a few more pictures from my garden:

There are two or three hydrangeas together in this clump.  I love them all, mostly because they remind me of my dear sweet Swedish grandmother Augusta.  She grew beautiful hydrangeas at her home....but then, all of her gardens were showcases!

Those two blooms are of the color that Augusta always had....at least that is what I recall.  

This hydrangea is in another garden in our front yard, under several towering old oaks.  It's a struggle to keep these guys watered, especially during hot dry spells like the one we are enduring now, but the rewards for the hard labor are plentiful!  I wish I could remember the name of this one - it's something like 'big fuzzy dude', but that's not it!  We've purchased a lot of our Hydrangeas here, and if you live in Georgia, it is worth the trip to acquire really nice plants...plus it's a treat to wander through their gardens!

Our Oakleafs' blossoms are now turning pink, which is what I really enjoy!

This is another species that I really enjoy, but cannot recall it's name.  Several years ago, I had the honor and pleasure of touring the Hydrangea gardens of Penny McHenry, who used to be referred to as "The Hydrangea Lady" in an around Atlanta.  She was in declining health at the time, but was a most gracious hostess and a fount of information.  I jotted down names of her favorites and then C and I headed south to Wilkerson Mill Gardens to purchase them.  Penny has since passed away, but I always thank her for sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for these grand plants.

I'm working on several pieces in my studio right now, but don't want to show any of them just yet.  So, instead I'll share a couple more photos of my favorite little man!  We had the pleasure of joining him and his parents for Sunday dinner this past weekend, and they went all out: spare ribs from the grill, asparagus with a yummy fruit glaze, and a delightful spinach salad.  We got the easy end of the deal: dessert from our favorite Bakeshop!  
As you can see, Charlie was in rare form:

My Swedish cousin Eva had sent him an adorable little cloth school bus.  Of course, it immediately ended up in Charlie's mouth!  It does have a mechanism in it so that if he revs it up in reverse on the floor, it will charge forward.  He isn't quite dextrous enough for that yet, but he will be soon!  Thanks Eva!

OK......back to work for me!

Thanks for stopping by.



Eva Hagbjärn said...

You have so many different colors on your hydrangeas (we call them Hortensia).
Here we often get only the blue once even though they are e.g. pink when you plant them. I've heard that it depends on the PH value in the soil what color they will get in the end.
Charlie is such a sweet little boy and I'm glad that he liked the little toy ;-)
We haven't regret that we sold our house, but on the other hand - we didn't had such beautiful garden to enjoy.
I don,t think you will age more rapidly if you sell your house, on the contrary. You will probably get more time for other fun things in life as e.g. Charlie :)))


Jeannie said...

What is it about hydrangeas that make us swoon? I have never been the kind of gardener who would tolerate fussy plants. That said, I tend to my hydrangeas like they were my first born. They get acid lunches in the spring, blankets if the winter is awful, and extra water in the summer. I cherish their blossoms all year round. In the fall, I deliver bouquets to neighbors so that they may enjoy their beauty during the fall holidays. I struggle to get the colors you get in our alkaline soil. Now, for that gorgeous little man Charlie. I love how gleeful he is and his smile is wonderful. I know he will treasure Eva's gift for a long time. Have fun in the studio!

diane said...

Judy -- these are gorgeous -- I think you could charge admission to your gardens -- and then end up in your studio where you can sell your work!!

AND, you can use the spent blooms to put in cloth bundles for eco dyeing a la India Flint!!

Way to go!!


Anna said...

I love your Hydrangeas!
That little man is absolutely adorable and one can easilly understand how he makes grandma's heart melt.

Rayna said...

Forget the hydrangeas - that cute little boy is the best!
We all have smiling faces with our grandkids, don't we?
Nothing better.

Carol said...

Charlie is beautiful, and what a smile!
Your hydrangeas are fabulous and I'm especially interested in the fuzzy one and the oakleaf. Now I'm going to search them out - surely they must be available in Australia. I hope so anyway. Hugs to Barker. Time for another photo so he doesn't feel too left out. xxoo

Diane said...

Love Rayna's comment! Love the hydrangeas, too. Mine usually flowers blue, but due to a severe trim at wrong time, it has lovely leaves, but very few blooms.

We found a home on Cayuga Lake, outside of Ithaca. It will be ours in mid August. Guess you can go "home" again....

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