Wednesday, June 08, 2011


I have long been intrigued by Zentangles, but never took the time to totally research them, nor had I been able to find a class offered nearby.  Today was the day!  Unfortunately, it conflicted with knitting, but I just had to take the class.  This was my third piece, and I was totally in love with it....but now I see a glaring error in the right-side segment.  Oh well!

Here are the other two that I completed in class

Sorry that this one is a bit blurry.  It was my first attempt, and I think it's actually pretty cool.  Mamie, our teacher, would walk us through one design, then another, and then a third....all on a worksheet.  Then we would incorporate the three designs on the little tile - actually just a square of paper - using a black micron pen.  She played very soothing music in the background, and we all found the exercises to be quite contemplative, or Zen-like.

This is my second tile:

I think these could become very addictive, and would be great for airplane rides, waiting for appointments, sitting with someone in the hospital, etc.  I would love to make this part of my morning practice, and draw one each day.  We'll see how that goes!

How about you?  Have you tried Zentangles?  Do you love doing them or do they perhaps intimidate you?  Do you like them best in black and white, or do you prefer to add a bit of color?  




Beverly said...

I have a couple of books, the pens, and my little sketchbook. I keep thinking I'll do it during meetings, and have yet to follow through with it.

I do like yours!

Eva said...

A lot of my painting stuff in full color is created by the same principle, true, it's fun!

Joyce said...

I've heard of it but never tried it. I did used to doodle a lot during meetings but now that I'm retired I seldom go to meetings. I will be looking into it though...

Barbara said...

Last year I found some info on doodling for relaxation. I'm not sure if it was called zentangles. I did post some pictures here. It's fun but I haven't worked on them in a while.