Saturday, July 30, 2011

Another Bird Siting

As we were about to sit down to lunch the other day, I noticed this beautiful bird on the patio.  It is a Prothonotary Warbler and we are lucky enough to serve as hosts to these lovely creatures during the Spring, Summer and Fall.  We rarely see them however, as they spend their time high in the tree tops.  But we do hear their call.  If you go here, you can read more about them and also hear how they sound.

Apparently this poor fellow got caught up in a gust of wind and crashed into our windows by the patio.  Here's one more view of him:

Isn't he a beauty!

We went to our local indy theater this afternoon and viewed The Topps Twins: Untouchable Girls.  Neither of us had ever heard of this great duo, and it was interesting and entertaining to view the movie and watch them perform.  I wonder how many of us here in the States know about the Topps Twins - did you?  It's a great flick, and if you have the good fortune of it showing in a theater near you, I encourage you to go see it.

I'm knitting away on this lovely pair of socks

It's one of Ann Budd's basic socks using an 8-stitch Garter Rib repeat from her Getting Started Knitting Socks book.  It's keeping me busy in the evenings.



Gerrie said...

What a gorgeous yellow on the bird. I have heard of the Twins and the movie, but think we will have to Netflix it.

Jeannie said...

Gorgeous bird and what a sweet tweet. Did you notice your socks have some of its colors?

Lynley said...

Goodness, the Topp Twins!! I grew up in NZ in the 1970s and 80s, and they were a brilliant role model for awkward teenage girls, and being stroppy if they wanted! I'm very pleased they translate :)

Eva said...

So sorry for this wonderful bird. Did it assume a rival in his reflection?