Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Playing Hard

Tuesdays are my 'golden days' to play in the studio.  Don't expect me to accept a Tuesday invitation to join you for lunch - even if it's on you! - because I treasure my day of play.  C volunteers in the community that day, so I can run in and out to the studio and not have to think about talking to him, eating lunch, or anything else.  

I try to write in my art journal every morning while enjoying my coffee, just to get centered.  This morning I jotted down a list of things I hoped to accomplish while playing in the studio......the list ended up with ten items on it.  YIKES!!  By the time I stopped for a late lunch, I had checked only three things off, so I needed/wanted to plod along.  I'm happy to report that I have now accomplished seven things on my very optimistic list.  

Above is the second piece I worked on today.  I had dyed the base layer a week or so ago, and today I added four more layers.  It's on my design wall and I'll mull over it for a while until I decide if it's finished or not.  I created tessalating Zentangles for the orange and blue balls that you see, and then made Thermofax screens in order to get the designs on the silk.

Here's another view of the piece

This is the first piece I worked on - look similar to the one above?

I don't like it nearly as well, but it was good to have this piece of silk to work on before I went to the one I like better!

I'm also continuing to play around with this piece, using the Cretacolor briques that have been discussed recently on the Complex Cloth group.  

I've used an old photograph of my Mom, outlined it, made a Thermofax screen from that design, and then screened it onto the silk.  You may recall that I had already screened on this silk with some charcoal, and added the yellow dye.  The mottled area to the right of my Mom is just some color underneath the piece of silk - try to envision that area totally white.

So, it's been a great day!  C arrived home with our CSA basket, plus extra peaches, squash, okra, green beans and tomatoes.  I will freeze the extras - but not today - I'm worn out!  I think we'll just have grilled fresh veggies tonight!



Gerrie said...

Wow! Great work. I love those circles and that little drawing of your mom is magical.

Jeannie said...

Two twitches and you should be asleep! Wow! What an incredible day you had. I liked the first circle piece you did, but the new one just hits one out of the park.I love the color palette and the depth you have achieved. The Mom drawing is just too wonderful. Again, WOW!!!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Everything you do is looking wonderful, and I just love the screen of your Mom. You are really a thoroughgoing artist. But as you know, I don't understand a thing about the dying techniques. That’s why I’ve difficulties to comment your blog when you are publishing your arty products.
Nevertheless I’m visiting your blog every time you have updated it.
Just so you know that I’ve been here peeking ;-)

Kram Eva