Sunday, August 07, 2011

Hanging Chuck and more

Several years ago we enjoyed a wonderful exhibit of the works of Chuck Close at the High Museum, and we just had to buy a poster of one of his self portraits.  I admire Mr. Close and his works so much, but for some reason just never got around to having that piece framed.  I finally bit the bullet a few weeks ago, and we got the piece hung at the condo on Friday.  I love it.  Yayy!

Here's Mr Close up close

I just love his pixellated style of painting!

Last week I began working on a new piece which involves several different dyeing techniques all on one piece of silk.  I've even added one of my Zentangles.  Here's a bit of a preview

I was taken by the colors on the cover of a catalogue that had arrived in the mail: red violet, violet and burnt orange.  I wanted to duplicate those.  It worked fairly well, but may need just a bit of tweaking.  Oh, and the white blotches are actually on purpose - a bit of resist there!

My knitting revolves around two projects at the present time.  One is an adorable little hooded sweater for Charley.  Here's how it's coming along

The little colored bobbles on there are markers made to look like balls of yarn.  Aren't they cute!!  Anyway, the sweater is knit from the top down and requires NO SEWING together (sewing my knitted pieces is the bane of my existence!), so I am all about that.  I love knitting on circular needles, so that is another plus.  The yarn is actually a royal blue, even though it looks turquoise here.

My other project is a pair of socks for me.....and I'm about finished with this first one!

Normally I knit from the toe up on one circular needle, but I'm working my way through a book of Ann Budd sock patterns, and this one just so happens to be on double pointed needles from the top down.  The yarn is hand-dyed silk and merino with a bit of nylon......and I love it!  I've been on a quest to find the 'perfect' dpns, and I think I may have stumbled upon them quite accidentally: they are wooden and are made by Addi (or Skacel) the same folks that make the turbo circs.  They are durable, don't snap or bend under pressure, and the points aren't too pointy but are more so than some I have used.  I love them!!

Yesterday afternoon we had a swim date with Charley at the condo.  WooHoo!  Just as he and his parents arrived, the skies around us grew very dark and then the thunder and lightening began.  ugh!  We checked out the weather radar and could see several storms converging around us, so we decided that it would be far wiser to play for an hour or two and then, hopefully, swim.

We had a grand time, as you can see, and then the storms passed and we hit the pool.  What a great way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon!!!


I realize now that I already wrote about my sock here, but as you can see I've turned the darned heel and am halfway down the foot!  woohoo!!!


Gerrie said...

Did you know that Chuck has the face recognition syndrome. He developed this way of painting portraits as a result.

Love the piece with the zentangle!!

Jeannie said...

You are speaking my language! I love violet and orange together. Your zentangle looks fantastic there. I love the color of the yarns you are knitting. And Charlie, oh my, what a sweetheart!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Lovely little Charlie!

No hard time to get up from the floor????


Eva said...

Gerrie's remark struck me! I first saw Chuck's work in 1968 on a "Documenta", and I thought, I could give up painting portraits right away. Instead, I started doing them.

diane said...

Judy -- you leave me breathless!! You're prolific -- what's in the water??

I love break-down printing as well -- maybe my favorite thing to do. The results are unpredictable to a great degree and that's a very good thing.

Keep up the creativity. You're on a roll!!

xo, D