Sunday, September 25, 2011

Art & Sole

While I tidied up my flower garden this evening, I thought I might try printing a leaf or vine that I pruned with my new Gelli Print Plate.  Nothing really jazzed me, but I wondered if some of my Rosemary might work.  Why not give it a try?

I had some leftover white-on-white fabric, so I used it as the base fabric for my printing.  
While I liked the results, they were nothing special.
I glanced around my studio and remembered the Born sandals that I adored the looks of, but my feet did not feel the same way about their level of comfort.

I love how they printed, as you can see in the top photo.
The Gelli Print Plate looks rather messy, but it cleans up so effortlessly -
and is then ready for another job!

So, if you're a day or two (or three?) behind in reading my blog, you need to be reminded to leave a comment in order to be in the running to win a FREE Gelli Print Plate!
The drawing closes next Friday evening:
you can find all of the details here.
One thing I don't think I was totally clear about was that 
if you are already a follower of my blog, all you need to do is leave a comment
in order to be in the drawing.
I certainly wouldn't discriminate against my faithful readers!
Another wonderful thing:
The kind folks at Gelli Print will also award a free Gelli Print Plate to one of my followers!!
They are such nice people!
So, I will be drawing TWO names and announcing the winners on Saturday morning.



Connie Rose said...

Great idea, Judy -- maybe I should print with the bottoms of my newly purchased Keen flats that kill my feet! $90 for something to print with, egad!

Jeannie said...

Fun!!! I really like the rosemary and the sandals are great! I guess I need to go shopping for some new shoes to print with - tee he!

Ineke said...

I would die for it.
Gr. Ineke

Elizabeth said...

I love Gelatin Printing!!!! I only worry that the geli plates are going to be too small!!! LOL!!!!

Love how your sandals printed!! have you tried geranium leaves?????? they print up beautifully!!

Eva said...

Great technique! Gelli must be fun. Lovely results, I'm very fond of the greens.

Lisa Kerpoe said...

Beautiful rosemary print! I love how you can get such great detail with gelatin plate printing. I've never tried the Gelli plate - sounds a lot easier than making it up yourself!

One Creative Soul Studio said...

Wow! How cool is that???? Suppose I will have to check out the bottom of my shoes from now on for texture plates. Great idea.

diane said...

Judy -- I'm hooked!! I just started experimenting today and I see a blog in my future. These plates are addictive. I started with notecards -- at the rate I'm going, I'll run out of friends first! Your rosemary looks fantastic -- I have blooming chives - think I'll try tomorrow. I still would like to be included in the drawing though!!

xo, d

Judy said...

Several people have commented about the Rosemary, both on and off the blog, so I thought I'd just add this - the Rosemary is fantastic, because as you press it, it releases more aroma. So while you are working, it is making you feel terrific!

Eva Mari said...

As I don't have flip-flops or more expensive variations of footwear I'm hoping funky foam will do the trick...
You inspire me so much I guess I'll have to do some oldfashioned mono printing with offerings from the kitchen shelves... LOL

Hugs from me :)

Chriss said...

I would love to try this. It looks like fun with lots of possibilities! Thanks for sharing!