Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I'm watching our ten month old grandson for a few days this week while his folks have some major renovations done on their home. We are having a terrific time together and I am so amazed at how much he understands! The few times that I have had to tell him 'no' have been met with total obedience and no tears.
I am posting this from my iPhone - first for me - so I hope it works.
Tonight I've begun knitting the ribbing on a new sweater. Charlie is sleeping beautifully!
We had a full day of play & there will be more tomorrow. You can see the little boo-boo on his eyebrow where he fell a week ago. It hasn't slowed him down one bit!



Jeannie said...

Love that smile and the yarn!

Eva said...

There is some power in his glance -- expect adventures, as he grows up!

Eva Mari said...

There is nothing in the world as precious as the bond between grandparents and grandchildren, - I should know having been blessed with 5 so far! Enjoy these days to the tilt, Judy!

Hugs from one granny to another :)

Beverly said...

Enjoy your time with Charlie- can't wait, only three more weeks and I'll be in Florida with mine. And, count your blessings with such an even temperament! I'm told that mine is quite the opposite, we are into the oppositional twos with a vengeance!!

Gerrie said...

Lucky you - enjoy!

Anonymous said...

He's adorable, Judy. Have fun and don't let him wear you out! He looks like he's full of energy. Love to Kristin and Dave.
xxoo Carroll

Connie Rose said...

Charlie looks like you! Have a great time!