Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Knitters' Aid

It's not a particularly pretty picture, and it's not meant to be.  I want to get the attention of my knitting friends out there......and perhaps even some of you who are not knitters but have hearts of gold!

My friend Diane lives just around the corner from the Bastrop fire area in Texas, and she is a knitter.  Her favorite knitting shop is gathering knitting supplies for knitters who have been burned out of their homes.  If I sit, I normally knit - I LOVE to knit!  And I cannot imagine not having anything to knit with and soothe me during such a devastating time.  

I sent out an emergency email to my knitting group yesterday afternoon, and when we met today, they presented me with this load of yarn, needles, and other knitting necessities.  I have yet to add my own contribution, but I will do so in the morning, and send the package off in the afternoon mail.

I hope you too will find it in your heart to help out by donating to aid your fellow knitters.  The address for Yarnorama is in the upper right corner of their website, and you can read more about this endeavor on Diane's blog.

Thanks you so very much!


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diane said...

Thank you, Judy and the responsive knitters, for donating some of your special stash. The fiber community in Bastrop County is supportive and vibrant. This will be much appreciated.

xo, Diane