Friday, September 16, 2011

More Silks

I'm on a roll with some new silks!  I can't believe how much fun I'm having!  The above wrap is two layers of chocolate silk gauze with turquoise needle felted into the layers.

The one below is  the first one I did, and actually it is more of a sage green .

I love working with the silk gauze, as it is so soft and light.  The embellisher is a real kick too. 

We are spending the day with our Charlie at his house!  He was too excited to take a nap this afternoon, so we spent some teary moments (his tears not mine!) rocking on the front porch.  No matter how tired he gets, he's always ready to smile for the camera, er iPhone.



Jeannie said...

Beautiful scarves, Judy! I am waiting for you the start collecting Barker's trimming, dyeing them and then needle felting them onto your work. ;-) Oh, Charlie, please don't cry. A nap is a good thing. Or were you having so much fun with Mimi that you didn't want to waste a minute? Have fun you two!

Eva said...

The face of a boy, not a baby any more! Sometimes I wish I knew what kids of that age think...