Friday, September 30, 2011

Time's Up!

My collaged leaf monoprints are now hanging on one of the columns in our condo!  They are fused to black Lutradur, which was also printed with some of the leaves.  I really like how it brightens up that end of our kitchen.  The photo isn't the greatest, but you'll have to trust me on that!
Sari Ribbons from the Wool Peddler arrived in this afternoon's mail.  Can't wait to try them out with some needle felting!
Charlie and I had an extra long walk this morning while his Mommy was in meetings and his Daddy supervised renovation work at their home.  It was cool and breezy in the city, and I decided it was the perfect morning to take him to the Fox Theater, so down Peachtree Street we headed!  He barely kept his eyes open 'till we got there, but then was zonked for the rest of our long walk!  Honestly, our weather is superb right now!

Wooops: almost forgot!!  Time's up to get in on the drawing for the free Gelli Print Plate!
Thanks to all who left comments and signed on as followers.  You're the best!
My able-bodied assistant will be drawing the names of the lucky winners this evening, and I'll be listing them on the blog tomorrow, so stay tuned - I'll need mailing addresses!


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Jeannie said...

Your leaf prints look great handing there! I am looking forward to seeing what you do with the sari ribbons. I have some hanging in the house and just keep looking at them. They remind me of May Pole dances.xo