Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blow Wind Blow

I've never been in San Antonio
to experience a cold front blowing through.....
until tonight!
It's quite an experience!
The temperature is dropping like a rocket.
Above is the piece that I showed you yesterday.
I'm pleased with its outcome.
We had another busy day of class, followed 
by a trip to Herweck's, a wonderful art store 
located downtown.
I enjoyed a fun dinner out at the Cove
(a combination car wash/laundry/restaurant) 
with my friends Lisa Kerpoe and Laurie Brainerd.



Lisa Kerpoe said...

That piece is really taking shape! I wish I could see it in person. Glad you liked The Cove.

Jeannie said...

The Cove looks like a fun place and the menu looks tasty - odd combo of business! I am really loving the color palette in this and the hints of gold. I really is developing into a beautiful piece. xo

komodori said...

It's so wonderful how your piece continues evolving. The new background ties the shapes together and I am intrigued by the various hues.
And what amazing work you posted! I wish I could have seen them all up close.
Welcome home...such beautiful work!

Karoda said...

I love the colours and how you've continued to push the cloth even after you deemed it precious...I struggle with that often.

Elizabeth said...

This is spectacular!! Keep on Pushing it to new heights!!! Then you can just frame the cloth!!!

Diane Doran said...

Wow,I really love this piece - the colors are wonderful!

Eva said...

Gorgeous dyeing art!