Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More Art

This is a piece that I began several years ago in a wonderful workshop
with Rayna Gillman.
I've always loved the fabric, 
in fact, I felt it was too precious to use.
The holes that you see in it are new.
I used Fiber Etch to burn out the cotton.
What you cannot see in this photo is a sheer layer of turquoise polyester
that remains underneath.  There are still some fabric painted threads that remain in the holes.
I've since altered it even more today, and will share a photo with you tomorrow.
We are working with many odd manipulation processes.
By odd, I mean they don't really fit into any one category, 
and so we are making samples and using the techniques in ways that we may find 
useful in the future.
Late this afternoon several of us went on a field trip to Gallery Nord to see the FASA exhibit.
I'll share a few photos from the show.

This is a wonderful piece by Miki Rodriguez.
I wish I had photographed the details because it is an amazing piece.

This is my dear friend and classmate Laurie Brainerd with her piece
"My Buddha Boy"
I'm very partial to this piece as we once had a cat who's nickname was
"Buddha Boy"

I've included photographs of two pieces by my friend Lisa Kerpoe.
I love them both, but unfortunately do not recall the name of either.

this is actually a detail shot of one of Lisa's pieces

My friend and classmate Diane Sandlin exhibited this wonderful piece called 
Open Heart II

I love how she incorporates so many techniques and bits and pieces of various
things, and uses acrylics as well as textile paints and dyes.
Here's a detail shot so you can better understand:

And lastly, here's another of my favorites:

I apologize that I do not recall the name of the piece, nor it's creator.
I believe that this is entirely constructed from Lutradur, 
and look how the various segments are attached to one another:


Thanks for checking in and going on the gallery tour with me!



Gerrie said...

That work is all so inspiring. Tell Diane I love her piece!! Wow!

Jeannie said...

Wow! Your piece is outstanding!!! And the show you went to - double wow! I love the piece by Miki Rodriguez and Diane Sandlin's is gorgeous. There isn't a one (including yours) that I wouldn't mind hanging in my house. Wonderful!!!

Connie Rose said...

Great stuff, thanks for sharing!

diane said...

Thanks, all, for your nice compliments. The final piece that Judy included is by Naomi Wanjiku who incorporates some of the traditional practices from her native Kenya in a very modern manner. The piece was spectacular.

Elizabeth said...

What fabulous work to share!! Lucky to have such a wonderful exhibit in town when you are there!!!