Friday, October 21, 2011

Great Pics Steve!

I took delivery of a brand new iPhone 4S a week ago.
Pretty slick: it came via UPS and I was able to set it up myself!
The publicity said the camera would be even better than before - and they were right!
I'm stunned at the clarity of the detail shots!
The little guy above was crawling across our patio this noon as we ate our lunch.
We were inside, he was out, and I know he was seeking shelter from our cold weather.
I did manage to get outside long enough to pick two huge bouquets of hydrangeas.
They really are lovely this Fall.
Perhaps they're always lovely, but I normally chop them off right after they finish blooming,
so I've never seen them before!
Thanks, Jeannie, for teaching me this new trick!

I finished this scarf yesterday.
I think I love it, and know it will go well with my new brown skirt and sweater.

I snapped this lovely Morning Glory on our way to Starbucks this afternoon.
Frost is on its way - hope it takes shelter!

Layered leaf prints - tannic acid on concrete.
Thanks, Mother Nature!

Careful - he's got his eye on you!



Connie Rose said...

Judy, put out some silk fabric where those leaves fall, and get eco prints! Have a wonderful weekend. xo

Gerrie said...

I have a bouquet of hydrangeas that I picked at the end of the season at least 3 years ago and they are still beautiful. Because of the phone thefts and replacements, I will have to wait to get the 4s - maybe 5 will be out by then.

Jeannie said...

Wow!, I am so impressed with the photos. Incredible depth and clarity. Your hydrangeas are beautiful. Mine are chartreuse with hints of burgandy and blue. Barker, you are a cutie.

Teodo said...

Ciao ciao

connie said...

The photos are wonderful!!! It looks like you are having fun! I love the leaves on the concrete! Mother Nature is incredible! Have a great weekend...