Saturday, October 22, 2011

This is a detail shot of one of the sleeves I am knitting for a summer cardigan.
The fiber is cotton, which is not a favorite of mine for knitting, but I love the color.
Here are the sleeves:

They are meant to be elbow-length, and the ribbed 'cuff' gets folded back on itself.
The lacey pattern is addictive and it will be a fun sweater to wear next Spring & Summer.

I knit a lot today as I was flying to San Antonio for a blissful week of classes with 
Jane Dunnewold.

Twelve of us gather for a week every six months to study with Jane.
We work hard, but have a wonderful time together, 
and learn a tremendous amount.
Eight of us are staying at a B & B near Jane's studio: 
two arrive tomorrow; two live in San Antonio and commute to classes; and one stays downtown so she can run along the river.
Sadly, one of us may not make it this time due to a family tragedy.
Six of us went out for a great Italian dinner this evening.
It's great to be back with my buds!

Another giveaway!
My cyber friend Diane is holding a drawing to give away a copy of her new 
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Jeannie said...

I love the color and pattern of your sweater. Have a wonderful time, learn lots, party lots, and play lots!

Teodo said...

I love your knit-color it seem to be in the see.
thanks for the link.
ciao ciao

Beverly said...

The yarn is lovely! Have fun in San Antonio--

Elizabeth said...

Have a fabulous time in San Antonio!! Can't wit to see what you get into this time!!