Monday, October 10, 2011

Rainy Daze

Steady progress is being made on 'Joy'.  
I think I may actually be done with the dyeing and painting!

This one has been hanging on the design wall in my studio for a couple of months now.
I began working on it again yesterday, and today I added the little girl (my Mom) print.
I like how it's coming.
Rainy days in the studio are so peaceful - truly a gift!



Beverly said...

The second piece really evokes a rainy day. What are your plans for these if you've finished the dyeing/painting?

Jeannie said...

Oh Judy, these are both wonderful. The one with your Mom really does evoke a rainy day and the top one speaks a floral garden. I love the print of your Mom. It reminds me of tin types.

Gerrie said...

Both are gorgeous. I love that image of your mother.