Sunday, October 09, 2011

Yarn Bombing!

Yesterday was the designated day to Yarn Bomb
the Quinaln Visual Arts Center.
This had been planned for several months, and the knitting group 
to which I belong had requested early on that we be allowed to decorate this 
horse sculpture.

We had all participated in knitting several squares for his blanket
and then we sewed them all together during our meetings.
The tassels were made and attached a couple of weeks ago, 
and the reins had been crocheted weeks in advance.

Karen did the honors of getting the bridle onto the horse.
We were pleased with the final outcome.

Several other fiber groups also participated, and it was great to visit with other bombers.
How fun to see the front lawn of the Quinlan covered with knitters and spinners!

Amanda and Paula, director and co-director of the Quinaln are both knitters, and also participated in the bombing.
It was a great day for fiber arts in my little town.

bomb in peace!

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Jeannie said...

The horse looks great! And the yarn through the tail is especially nice. I really like the vest on Amanda(?). A good time was had by all.;-)