Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Beach Time

Moments for embroidery
are few & far between this week -
as family time is so much more precious.

C, Barker and I take our early morning walk
along the beach.
We're normally the first ones out there
and so there is much to discover
from the previous high tide.


I love the Sea Oats.
There are many large stands of them in the dunes
and some along the boardwalk 
that leads us back to our house.

Little Charlie is taking more and more steps
every day.
He loves playing in the sand.
Next year he will enjoy building castles,
but for now he is content to work at mastering the shovel.

This is a magical age -
between baby and toddler.
There is wonder in all he sees.


Jeannie said...

Good Morning Merry Sunshine! I love the photo of Charlie peeking around the corner. The beach is such a magical place and I am so glad you are all there enjoying it. xoxo

Karen said...

We're just behind you in the walking phase Judy. You are so right about this being a wonderful time and how fotunate we are to enjoy it