Saturday, November 05, 2011

A Most Amazing Lunch

C and I overindulged ourselves 
with a great lunch in Atlanta yesterday.
We love the food at Inman Park's
and since we were going to be in the neighborhood,
 why not lunch there?

The picture above is my entree: 
Squid Po Boy with Beet Chips.
It was truly to die for!

But let's go back to our starters

Chick Pea Fries

(the chef purees dried chick peas, reconstitutes them,
 refrigerates them in an oblong pan overnite,
cuts them in strips and fries them up.
Oh, so very good!

Fried Green Tomatoes
(the bowl of shaved ham is for C, who still enjoys a bit of meat occasionally)

I had to order a bowl of Jerusalem Artichoke Soup
simply because I was intrigued.
The garnish on the left is fried sage.
Truffle cream is the dollop in the middle.
This creamy puree did not disappoint!
Anthony, our delightful server, told me I had ordered too much.
He was right!
But I only sampled.

C enjoyed one piece of his fried chicken and most of the mixed bean salad.
Like me, he was too full to finish!

Our next stops were City Issue and Kudzu Antiques.
I will post about that tomorrow!

Suffice it to say, our fried food meter light was on vermillion
and we skipped dinner altogether!



Beverly said...

And you think dark chocolate covered Applewood smoked bacon is over the top?? :)

Carol said...

Hey, I'll be sending the Chickpea Fries to Suzy - sound pretty vegan and yummy to me. Also like the look of the Jerusalem Artichoke soup - well, I like the look of everything except the meaty things - and I wonder if Suz could invent a nice dip from this. Or even a pate. I think I need a recipe from you for Fried Green Tomatoes, not something we are very familiar with here on the other side of the world. xxo