Monday, November 28, 2011

A New Boy on the Block

When Barker's breeder emailed me
last week asking if we'd like to add a
well-mannered one year old to our family,
my only question was "How soon?"

We had been discussing acquiring a second Standard,
and we love our Barker so much
that we wanted another from the same breeder.

Sooooooooo, without further ado:
meet Bosco!
He's a little sweetie pie and 
Big Brother Barker is tolerating him well!

True, there is some distance between them
on the love seat, but they've only known each other
for about eight hours....
and Bosco is normally quite rambunctious!
After all - he's just eight months old!

As any good breeder will do, 
Bosco's blanket and a couple of toys accompanied him 
to our home.  He loves lying next to me while I work at my desk....
but what he really likes most is to race around the swimming pool!
I worry that he will fall in -
I don't want to have to dive in and retrieve him
if he can't get himself out!



Connie Rose said...

How cool! A hug and a kiss to Bosco!

diane said...

What fun -- BOTH are adorable. More walks in your future? I can just imagine you running around the swimming pool!

Jane LaFazio said...

welcome bosco!!