Thursday, December 01, 2011

Me n' My Boys

We arrived at the condo on Tuesday evening,
amidst rain, lots of wind, and temps hovering in the 30s.
Not good weather for walking a six month old puppy
who isn't used to the city.
We all muddled through, and Bosco is a better boy for it!
Wednesday morning's sunrise was spectacular -
my photo doesn't do it justice.

The reason we were at the condo again?
We were going to babysit for Charlie on Wednesday!
Both of his parents had meetings in Atlanta all day, so 
we were more than happy to help them.
It's amazing how much fun the levelor wand is! 

I had to be checked out as an authorized wearer
of the Baby Bjorn -
just in case there was a walk in our future.
(and thank goodness I passed the test, because
we put that thing to good use in Piedmont Park!)

there was naptime (a great time to knit, by the way!)

and then there was snack time

and then we walked

and then it was Tea Time

my goodness tea bags are fun to organize
and reorganize
and reorganize once again!

Charlie went home at about 3:30 and we were wiped out!
But on our Baby Bjorn voyage we had discovered 
that our two 'other' boys loved to play in the park!
So we returned for one last romp before the sun went down.
They look like they are fighting, but they were having a ball! 

Of course we're not letting Bosco off of his leash just yet.
Barker is loving having a little brother!

I spotted this wonderful wall of Creeping Fig on our walk back from the park.

I love that stuff!
Atlanta is just far enough south that it will grow here,
but not at our home in Gainesville.

Today we went to the High Museum to check out the 
Picasso to Warhol Exhibit.
I'm glad that it's there until April, because I want to return
at least one more time.
It is phenomenal!!

We also went to Ikea -
hadn't been for about a year, 
and there were so many little things we 'needed'!



Gerrie said...

I can't wait to see my son wearing a baby Bjorn!! I love seeing the boys playing. Scooter would have so much fun with them.

Jeannie said...

It looks like all your boys had a fun day! Bosco and Barker are so cute together. I love that plant creeping up the wall. I thought someone had painted ferns on the wall. How does you cat like the new addition?

Eva Hagbjärn said...

What a wonderful day together with all your boys ;-)
Did you know that Baby Björn is a Swedish invention?


Barbara said...

What a fun day! I love the picture of Charlie organizing the tea bags! I remember when my children were that little and would organize the cabinet! Enjoy every minute with your boys!